Fermax 3311


I am looking to buy Nuki Opener for my Fermax 3311 VDS Monitor but it’ not listed in the compatibility list. Any notice about this type of monitor?. Anyone tried?.


Hi, in Spain the 90% intercoms are Fermax VDS type. Any help?. Thanks.

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From another thread about Fermax:

Buenos días

Como va la compatibilidad con sistemas vds de Fermax?


Tenemos invertidos 100€ y todavía no funciona!


A new Fermax VDS Config is currently being tested, we will release it as soon as it is confirmed.

Actual beta firmware is working on opening and detection on fermax 2451 model (old vds one).

The 3311 is not working on opening, but it is detecting the events in the right way.
@Jose_M_Bustamante_De i’m trying to contact with you in pm to make different testing together, tomorrow i will try to reach nuki developers to try to enhance and finally make opener compatible with our Fermax version, cause at the moment we can ear a “click noise” but no door is opening, neither with manual activation.

A small update for everyone here.
I have just talked with some board members:

Fermax 2451 working (test for ringbell suppression in progress)
Fermax 3311 working (ringbell suppression not working for him).

My personal Fermax 3311 is NOT WORKING and i have fully understand the issue:

the opener is collecting the “turn off video” signal instead of “open” signal .
During setup i can appreciate that when i click “open the door” inside the app, he is just turning off the monitor.

I have also tried to let it recognize the open the door signal by manually turning on the monitor but nothing.

I’m uploading my logs for anyone who want to investigate more.

Update: i’m actually with @Georg_S on it, i will let you know more updates soon :slight_smile:

I also would be very happy to know how to connect Fermax 3311 with NUKI.

Good news, finally, all function for 3311 runs ok for me. Great job por nuki team. There are some bug to fix but all opener`s features runs ok.

Great news. Do you know when we can use it? Or can you give me some hints how I have to connect Nuki with the Intercom?

Hello guys
I’m another “lucky” owner of a Fermax VDS. Mine is 3305 which is almost identical to 3311, the cable scheme is the same, i think the only difference is some adjust in contrast for the video so I guess it should work exactly as the Fermax 3311. I attach pictures of the inside of the intercom and the wiring board (same model exact model ID as @Jose_M_Bustamante_De 's) and I hope I can get some guidance from you to make it work.

I would happily try your configuration so if we can make it work, Nuki guys can add another intercom to their compatibility list.

Willing to hear from you guys specially from @Georg_S

Here picture of the inside of intercom (couldn’t post two pics in my last message) so you can see it is almost identical to 3311

hello @rdjm and @timoberlin.
I’m actively working with nuki guys to finally make this system stable and on yesterday we have got very good progress.

During this week I think we will have the definitive solutions, even if for having a stable firmware we should wait nuki to go outside beta,

I will keep you updated, I can assure you that we are working HARD.

Buenos días

Te está funcionando la opción de apertura directa desde el móvil o solo el ring to open?

A mi si me funciona, pero hay que llamar primero al telefonillo para que se active y luego abrir en la app. Directamente no se puede.

Si no te funciona, mira a ver que no lo hayas configurado con el auricular descolgado. Hay que hacerlo todo con el auricular colgado.

Hi Raquel,
I just sent you a PM
Best regards Georg

Para entenderlo, solo te funciona el ring to open?

Hi @Georg_S. Would I need the beta firmware or shall I wait? As I understand @Roberto_Innaimi, you are almost finalizing the version? Cheers.