Expose Door Sensor state over Matter

Product name

Nuki Door Sensor & Smart Lock (Pro and non-Pro) 4th gen


Expose the Door Sensor state and open/close events over the Smart Lock’s Matter connection.


The Nuki Door Sensor is connected to the Smart Lock over Bluetooth, so the Smart Lock is aware of the sensor open/close state and events. Request : to expose the state/events over Matter/Thread. Referring to the Matter Device Library specification, this can be exposed as a feature of a Door Lock (Closure Device Type) and as a Contact Sensor (Sensor Device Type). In smart home applications this can be supported as an open/close sensor, e.g with Google ref : https://developers.home.google.com/use-cases?device=lock&integration=matter


Integration into Matter fabrics like Amazon/Google/Apple or other. Matter/Thread offers much better battery life compared to WiFi connection (Smart Lock Pro or Bridge) and is available on Smart Lock non-Pro at no extra cost.
It keeps users from moving to Matter/Thread contact sensors from other brands such as Eve and Aqara and has the benefit of the native Nuki connection between sensor and smart lock.

This is similar to the request Door Sensor Homekit integration but applies to any Matter fabric.


The open/closed state can be checked by users in a smart home application like Amazon/Google/Apple/HomeAssistant.
Events can be used as trigger and state can be used as condition for automations, e.g :

  • Lock the door when door is closed and other conditions are met.
  • When door opens, send some notification, turn on lights, or trigger any other possible automation.

Also to 3.0 pro and non pro

Preferably as a separate accessory, with a Contact Sensor cluster and a battery cluster, so the battery of the door sensor can also be monitored over Matter.