Door sensor homekit integration

Product name

Nuki new door sensor


Door sensor exposed to HomeKit so as to be used in automation in conjunction with lights etc under normal circumstances and with an alarm function when people are not home


If the door sensor is also added to homkit as a sensor then it can be used in Automations that would benefit the user, like alarm system/ triggering security camera / lights coming on when a known person enters at night, without the need of another sensor for the same thing,


Why is this feature needed?
It helps people not migrating to Aqara sensors which are cheaper and have an ecosystem already with locks etc.


How would you like to use this feature?
I have a Aqara G2H Pro installed inside the apartment at the entrance, to monitor any unwanted break-ins when we are not at home or at night. this could help trigger it quickly if needed, it can also turn on the strange sound or alarm mode for HomeKit devices like the HomePods and in conjunction with the other door and window sensors go into a security mode when no one is at home. which only a HomeKit home knows.