Experience with installation of bticino Classe 300 V13E Video

Hello together,

I want to share with the community my experience I had with Installing a bticino 344612 / V13E Video. Maybe some Googler with the same issues will land here.

First of all, it is not very consistent that in the App’s Install Procedure, it says look at your intercom and search for the model-number. This is not consistent in the Compatibility-cataloge, since the Number written on the device 344612 is not listed, but the same meaning Model Description Classe 300 V13E Video is listed.

So my initial step was, I selected the V13E Video.
The first issue is, that in the procedure the BUS Connection are called B+ and B- instead of BUS + and BUS - as written on the device. (Polarity is not written there)
Then it was unclear, what basically is + and - now. What helped me with that is that PDF here: Howto connect the Nuki Opener to unknown intercom systems

So the first attempt wasn’t working. The Intercom itself was running but NUKI said, that it was the wrong polarity.
So its written then very unclear in the app’s guide, that now only all the cables must be changed by each other because NUKI wants me the polarity to change. First I thought, it will be a complete new procedure now and I was very confused with this.

The turned polarity did also not work. While the NUKI Opener itself said, that now everything is correct, the intercom just didn’t start. This means that the next Step, which is “press the Door-Opener” isn’t makeable since the Intercoms Operating System is not started and nothing is triggered when pressing the sensor-Button for door-opening.

After then a few hours of Trying, talking with an Electrician, who also said to me that the installation-guide is very confusing, because it is not clear what orange and green do and why to bridge green to the house-cable … I have tried the Basic Variant which is described in the PDF under “Basic setup without doorbell suppression”. So I’ve installed that, with the NUKIs wanted exchanged polarity, it worked when selected Model “Generic - BUS (Biticino) BETA”

So the solution in my case was the following installation while the thing in my hand is the bus.

So basically it would have helped me a lot when things were explained more precisely and the PDF was somewhere presented in the app when the standard-things dont work.
Also I don’t know why the basic wirering isn’t presented in the app when both initial procedures didn’t work.