Elcom bht-200

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Hallo Leute!

Hat jemand von euch bereits den NUKI-Opener an das ELCOM BHT-200 System angeschlossen und erfolgreich einrichten können?

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Hi Guys!

Has anyone of you already connected the NUKI-Opener to the ELCOM BHT-200 system and set it up successfully?

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Nur als analoge Anlage. Nach dem Klingeln kann man innerhalb von 2 Minuten in der App öffnen.
Die Einstellung, dass der Türöffner erst nach dem Klingeln aktiviert wird ist in dem In der Anlage selbst per jumper einstellbar(Hausanlage nicht die in der Wohnung).

Moin Robert,

ja, allerdings musste bei mir z.B. noch ein extra Modul her, das RSR-200 (ca. 30€). ANsonsten gibt es eine ausführliche Anleitung u.a. hier im Thread. Ring2Open + manuelles Öffnen funktioniert.

Hi Robert,

yes but you will need (depending on your setup) a small change in your intercom. I am using an RSR-200 Module (about 30€) to open, wiring can be found in the Thread!

Today, I successfully wired the opener but in my setup, I had to bridge RSR 200 bus input b rather than a with the relay connection that switches the Ring input (yellow) for the Opener. I was also a bit surprised because in my setup the purple wire is connected to the continous area on the back side which is probably GND while the blue wire connects to a tiny connector ending at a resistor.

Does anybody know how to suppress the ring tone when ring to open is used? I have some family members and don’t want to disturb them every time, I open the door by myself!
But I don’t know how to connect the green wire.

Habe die selbe Anlage

Kannst mir genau sagen wie du das gemacht hast
Als leihe nicht so die große Ahnung

Hab vielen Dank

Hast du deinen opener denn installiert ???

Kannst du mir sagen wie

Hallo Robert,
hast Du es mittlerweile hinbekommen? Ich habe ein ELCOM Rufschaltrelais RSR-200 i2-BUS und das BHT200. Leider kann ich mit Nuki dennoch nichts öffnen. Hast Du es nun geschafft?


Hi Everyone,

I’m a bit confused from the thread here. For me the internals of the BHT-200 look as followed.

From the thread that was linked, I understand why it was not possible to integrate the Nuki Opener but for me it seems the main Problem with the BHT-200 is the channel selectors which are on the board itself.

Maybe I’m wrong but it would be great if someone could help me out here. Since the BHT-200 doesn’t belong to me I can’t solder anything to it.

Hope to finally get this working soon. :slight_smile:

Thx already to anyone who helps me. Would love to tip for a coffee or something

Hi Marten, I bought the switch device RSR-200 for 31€ +6€ shipment, to replace the standard switch device of BHT-200 (the little PCB on the left side of your photo with conectors to your house and to the main PCB). You need to solder two cables on the main PCB of indoor station door communication Elcom BHT-200. If you don’t want to solder on the BHT-200 belonging to the house you could buy your own BHT 200 and do the soldering there. Without soldering it will not work I am afraid.