Bridge API: Door sensor?

This sounds terrible. You announced Smartlock 2.0 mid of october last year with the door sensor feature (i know, it’s still Beta). If you want to integrate nuki in a smart home you either need the door sensor state or you’ve to add some other magnetic contact to check the correct door state. Double Cost!

The door sensor is available in the Web API (I know this won’t help you if you want a local/offline solution, but for some it can be a transitional solution). We have to set priorities in firmware development and unfortunatly not every feature request can be handled as fast as we would like to.

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Any updates on getting the door sensor into the Bridge / Local API? Thx

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Sorry, I can still give not date on that. Existing issues have still to be handled before locking at new bridge features.

I’d love to see this as well. Looking forward to any updates when they happen :slight_smile:

Is there any documentation of the door state in the Web API? I noticed the doorState value is 2 when the door is closed and 3 when the door is open, but I was wondering if this is documented anywhere.

You can find this at the model of!/Smartlock/get

Smartlock.State {

doorState (integer): 

The door state: 0 .. unavailable, 1 .. deactivated, 2 .. door closed, 3 .. door opened, 4 .. door state unknown, 5 .. calibating,


Ah I see, I wasn’t aware of the model button. That should be useful. I suppose the web API doesn’t have some sort of web hook functionality like the local http rest api?

Still nothing? I get a callback when the door is opened/closed, but no state.
This thread is now nearly a year old, with no updates… :frowning:

We are aware of this request, but we do not communicate our timelines, priorities and roadmaps in the public, so there have been no updates.

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I am also a little bit wondering why this is not available offline as it is implemented in Web API and we are not talking about reinvent the wheel :slight_smile:

Feature request for voting:

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Any updates on this? I mean, why should this fundamental door state not exist in a local network? It is crucial for smarthome automations to request the doorsensor state eg once 1 minute for detecting if door has eg been left open.

I’m very sad too.
Nuki 2.0 is available since Nov. 2018, with the door sensor as new feature.
Now we have May 2020. The bridge costs about 100 Euros, and there is a new bit (Open/Closed) to implement.

I’m also surprised about your new business model to pay yearly to open a door (Nuki Box). Very disillusioning that you sell hardware with subscriptions. Most of cloud based things like that finally close and the hardware is worthless.


Unfortunately it’s much more than that.

The business model for Nuki Box is quite different than for the Smart Lock: It’s bought by property managers, mounted by electricians and used by several different parties, inc. the people living in the building. All have their own service level requirements and all want a system that works for many years.
There are at least as many “not cloud based” (or better “one off payment”) things that are mounted and unusable because nobody does service them anymore (which is especially true if you rely on Smartphone Apps, which usually stop working after a few years without updates). But i agree with you, nobody likes to pay regular fees :wink:

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But in the Web API the status is implemented. All bits and triggers are there. And just need to be implementet into the bridge api. The Bridge itself should already have this information, otherwise it could not give the information from lock -> bridge -> server.

This is not how the Nuki system works. Because of the end to end encryption the bridge can not read what Apps or Nuki Web are communicating with the lock ( Furthermore events created by Nuki Web are based on the log & state, while bridge API events are based only on state changes (because the bridge does not have access to the log).


New Bridge Beta firmware versions with this requested feature are now available:

Please test it out and give us your feedback!


This feature isn’t available for Android Bridge App, is it correct?
Are you planning to upgrade the bridge app in the future?


Unfortunately there are no updates planned for the Bridge App.