Conexionado GOLMAR VESTA 2

Necesito saber si se puede conectar el Nuki openner con el golmar vesta 2 se gb2 y si no es posible directamente si hay alguna posibilidad pero en todo caso sin quitarme el Vesta 2, puedo llegar a poner otro interfono en serie , gracias!

Uses the same bus as the Golmar T562: We don’t know if it works, but you can try it.


I don’t know if is compatible T562 but now I have vesta 2 and I Can see in your web T500 is compatible, Could you please check T562?

Hi Juergen,

I also have the Golmar Vesta2 GB2. I only have 2 cables: Red connected to L2 and Yellow (orange-not sure) connected to L1.

I do have a black cable but so far not connected to anything.

Should I just connect the same colors to the Nuki? Or follow the instructions of the Bus - generic? Cuz then I will need to change the way it is now connected to my Golmar.

Please let me know cuz if it works the whole building will use it in each apartment. Thanks!

Don’t change the cabling at the intercom. Just try to add RED from Opener to RED from the intercom and BLACK from Opener to YELLOW from the intercom. If this does not work you can try RED from the Opener dot YELLOW and BLACK from the Opener to RED.

But so far there has been no positive feedback from Golmar bus systems (which is why they are currently not on the supported list).

Hi Juergen,

If I connect black from opener to red intercom and red from opener to yellow intercom then it recognizes it. The issue is when it request to press the opening button from intercom cuz it seems it doesn’t recognize it. Any other tip? Here in the Netherlands this model is the most common. Cheers

No, no tip as of now. We’re investigating Golmar in our lab and once we have results we will report back here. In between you have to be patient and wait.

Hi Juergen,

Do you advise me to bring it back or just wait for a software update?

Please let me know.


I can’t give an advise at this point, because we don’t know yet if it will be compatible with Golmar in the future or not.


I was about to try again (as now I have a bit more time) but now I can’t connect via Bluetooth the opener with my iPhone 11, neither bridge with opener. I turned already off the Bluetooth from my iPhone, I also took one battery out of the opener and put it back but no success. Please let me know what I can do. Cheers

  • If the Opener is connected to the intercom, remove the connection to the intercom
  • If this does not help, reboot your iPhone
  • If this does not help, insert new batteries in the Opener

Hey Lola, did you get it to work? I have the same setup (Golmar Vesta 2) and would love to have the Nuki Opener functionality to this building. And to Jürgen, yes, this is one of those intercoms that are heavily used in this neighborhood (Amsterdam, Netherlands).
Anyway, would love to hear some positive news regarding compatibility.

Hi Ries,

No news… it’s a pity cuz I’m big cities like here in Amsterdam there are only apartments (buildings with at least 4 apartments) like in my case. My neighbors are all the time asking me if they can get the opener but as mine didn’t work I can’t advice them to buy one. Please Jurgen let us know if you have any news

There are some good and bad news:
The good news are that we have it working in our lab an will be able to release it in a beta soon.

The bad news are that a specific cabling is necessary which requires to place a resistor between two contacts. We will make instructions for this available here in the Dev Board, but it also means that Golmar Bus based intercoms will remain in beta for some time until an official „Golmar Adapter Cable“ (or similar) and all necessary modifications to the Apps are available.


Hi Jurgen,

Cool!! So, how can we know when the beta has been released? Do we get a notification? Please let us know,


Great news! Soldering a resistor is within my electronics skills! :slight_smile:

I’ll be keeping an eye out for the beta.

I see the beta is up at It also shows a wiring diagram to a Golmar intercom, but that one is not like the Golmar Vesta 2.

I guess I will be able to get the resistor to work (since I don’t have solder iron, it will be the bottom option; thanks for taking care of the ignorant ones ;-)). But still unsure on how to connect it to my intercom. Can anyone help out here?


A better picture on how things are originally wired.

Short update after some private conversations with Jürgen.
The Golmar Vesta 2 only uses two cables, how can I set it up? So it’s not possible yet?

Correct. For the 2 cable set up we don’t have a solution yet.

Okay thanks for letting me know. Do you mind if I post this on the beta forum as well, since others might have the same question. And even more importantly, are you working on a solution? Do you need help from my side? Best Regards, Ries.

No problem to share it.

We’ve a list of intercoms that we’re working on sorted by popularity. I can’t share the list nor give a timeframe for a solution, because that depends on how fast/easy the intercoms ahead or yours are to implement. Sorry!