Comelit compatibility

No, after I found out from the manual the extra bell is also a bus system, I decided not to give it a try. I first need an alternative for bell detection. If there is no bell detection, it there is no point in trying for me. Any suggestions?

I have a functioning Nuki Opener, but next week they are “upgrading” the Comelit system to a 6701W and from this thread it will stop working. :frowning:

I actually would already be happy to be able to open at the distance the door. Did anyone achived at least this? As the installer will be in the building I can always try to ask him to have some special configuration made, I hope. :slight_smile:

See my post at aug 20. Mine works.

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Nice. And regarding the speaker did you try to use it as a way to detect the “ring”? :slight_smile:

Didn’t try that. I have a separate video doorbell. When people use that, i can open the door with the opener.

I had the opener working flawlessly, but the building decided to change the intercom to COMELIT 6741W, and it is not working as expected. Really complicated technology.
Please let us know when it will be compatible with NUKI opener


Hi Nuki, kindly share any update on Comelit support?

Bonjour, avez vous des nouvelles pour la compatibilité de votre comelit 6741W ? car ma copropriété doit le mettre en place . Merci pour votre réponse.

Hey i got a Comelit 6741w in my apartment. I own the apartment so i decided to open the System. The touch buttons are very i mean veeery simple. They are directly connected to an Atmel micro controller. Is it possible to just solder the Nuki Opener on these pads? Does the Opener switches to Gnd? If thats possible i can Solder the Ring surpression and Open signal to the corresponding pads which are huge. Switches the Nuki Opener to GND and if not switched is the pin floating? That would be perfect… And i also heared that i have to enable a secret ring detection mode and @Georg_S could help me, the loud speaker seems to have 10 V

Should be no problem, - yes the opener switches to gnd!

Purple = gnd, blue = opening (buzzer), yellow = ring signal opener In (ring connection of intercom) & Green = ring signal opener Out (back to intercom - bypass).

I did it. After lots of trying and testing for some days my opener works with the comelit System in Generic Analog mode. I used a 5V Relays, with an added Pull Up which is triggering with a GND signal by the opener. Faking the touch input was the hqrdest part. The relay connects a copper plate on the back of the touch button to gnd for 1 second. The 5V relays is powered by the opener Batteries, so i had to modify the case a bit.


I noticed that ring to open sometimes only works after the second ring. I know that you can change the detection voltage of the ring signal but i dont know where. Can someone twll me where i can configure this.

Then a resistor could help!?

Found the option but it did not work. Analog detection was worse. Now i changed the ringtone and with the new one ring suppression works most of the time flawlessly. I can only hear one small blip or crackle at the beginning of the suppression like in the movies if someone is taping your phone, sometimes i can hear a little louder beep and 200ms of the ringtone if i use the other ringtone. I think thats becsuse the other ringtone starts with a low volume. But thats normal i think. Now im happy and waiting for my Nuki 3.0 and Bridge.
I think the Ring suppression is best it could get. But i dont know why analog wont work like expected, think i have to test some voltages.

A resistor could indeed help but at the moment i wont disassemble the intercom again.

Sounds right, - because a analogue intercom controls the volume often over the voltage, so when it is a ring tone with low volume, there is a good chance that this means also then low voltage.

I Think 4,7 kohm should be enough. Pull Up is betqeen VCC and logocal Input. It is important that the relais can switches with gnd. Here is a Picture of my Wiring. But solder at your own risk. El3ctronic backround and a short readup should help.

Hi Davide,
I have the same intercom. Did you manage to connect the Opener?

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Hello Georg, can you explain to us why the Nuki Opener is not compatible with the Comelit SIMPLEBUS 2? What exactly is missing here to make it compatible?

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