Comelit compatibility

Hi, I noticed that the Comelit 2404W is compatible with the Nuki Opener. I have the Comelit Bravo 5701 which seems to have similar terminal setup as the 2404W apart from the video screen (when looking at the wiring diagrams). So two questions:

  1. Is the Comelit Bravo 5701 on its way to be added to the compability list?

  2. If not, can I choose the 2404W in the list when installing the Nuki Opener?

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Hi Lucas,
the Comelit Bravo 5701 is a bus based intercom system, and therefor different from the Comelit 2404W, based on analogue communication.
You can try to connect your Nuki Opener as described here: Howto connect the Nuki Opener to unknown intercom systems
Please share your results!
Best regards

Hi Georg,

I have now tested the Nuki Opener with the Comelit 5701. In my system there were only two bus cables connected to the terminals “L” and “L”. I connected the black and red cables from the Nuki Opener to these two terminals in parallell to the existing bus cables. After changing the polarity of the cables I finally got to the test page where you should press the door opener button. Unfortunately nothing happens when I push the door opening button. I also tried to go down to the entrance and pressed the call button there and then tried to push the door opener button but the Nuki Installation software did not recognize the button.

FYI, I choosed the “Generic” bus system as per your prevoius instructions.

As far as I understand, the Comelit Bus system is called “Simplebus2”. Maybe I can try with annother “non-generic” bus system?

Hi again,

Now I tried all the available generic bus alternatives. For Bticino and Twinbus the Nuki Opener managed to recognize both the dorr opening signal and the doorbell signal from the front door, BUT the Nuki Opener was not able to open the door. I also tested the possibility that my intercom system needs to be activated before I can open the door (which I think is correct) but the Nuki Opener did not manage to open the door.

The wiring is done according to the Nuki app suggestion (with the clamp)

I feel that I am very close to have a functioning system… :slight_smile:

We need more debug informations to understand what the Opener really has recorded. I’ve sent you a PM.

@Juergen: Hi. I have a Comelit Bravo (Simplebus 2 based) intercom as well. Any news on how to get that one working? Or do you need any further debug information?

@Lucas_Rahle, I can open the door without someone having rang the bell before, so I assume that the intercom does not have to be activated. Is your intercom behaving different?

When I tested the system in the beginning of November, my intercom needed to be activated. I have tested various beta firmwares together with Nuki with no success so far. The Nuki Opener recognizes the doorbell and the opening signal, but it won’t open the door. I will not have the possibility to do further testing until late December. There are some new firmware beta version which I haven´t tested yet.

Thx. You mean firmware updates for the intercom? Or for the Opener?

For the Opener.

@Lucas_Rahle, @Georg_S, any news on the Comelit BETA roadmap? I currently have an Opener at home but will have to return it to sender if fixing this takes some more weeks or months. Let me know if you need logs etc. that I should provide you with. Thx!

hi @all - i have a comelit 6228 and was advised by your support on facebook that even if not supported yet, i can participate as guinea pig and help out. i just sent to mail to contact (AT) with my id as mentioned in the beta subforum.

i haven’t wired anything yet, so any information which profile to select and how to cable it and/or how to retrieve debug information would be appreciated.


I also tried to get the opener working on a Comelit 6701W intercom with two L ports. I experience the same problem where everything works expect that the opener is able to open the door. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I think im just very close the a solution.

I’d also be interested in 6701 Comelit compatibility!

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Same here, got a few of those systems in different apartments in Czech Republic.

The “Connect the Nuki Opener to an unknown intercom” seems to say that for bus systems you need to use the bus system as well to open the door and there is no such thing as a mixed mode.
Would be great to use the bus system just to recognise the ring and an analogue signal to open the door.

That door opening cable could connect somewhere else at the intercom since the intercome seems to have loads of analogue connectors as well. (way more than any other door systems I see at our apartments).
On the web technical manuals for the 5701 / FT Bravo 01 simplebus systems were easy to find and I’d think it is possible to find the right connector.

Has somebody tried to connect the system with analogue connectors only?

There is some addon module “5734” available which seems to be useful to have a more direct door open button.

@Lucas_Rahle @chrisha I can also open the doors without activating the intercom. However in the technicial manual of the 5701 this sounds to me like something that needs to be activated first. Just not sure if activated in the 5701 or in the “central unit” of the intercom

Also super keen to see if Comelit Simplebus compatibility can be achieved, as I’ve got a 6741W and a Comelit Genius colour monitor. I look forward to hearing whether anybody has any success and/or needs a hand checking out compatibility.

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Mine is also not working. It would be nice if the support can figure out if the Comelit bus system can be supported (in the future). If it’s impossible I can move on with my life.

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@Matthijs1982 @rabh +1

i fully agree - i also got mine on the promise, that there would be support from the developers - hence I would be happy to help any way possible

but so far, it was more like - try this and that and go through that automatic configuration… which requires nearly exclusively a second person and access to the buildings intercom… - i live alone in an apartment complex with more than 300 tenants… so it’s not that easy

that has more the feeling of throwing stuff against the wall and see what sticks, as to proper engineering - more engagement would be more than welcome

Hi Lukas,
We are currently not compatible with Comelit bus-based systems with our current hardware, but we are trying to improve this in the coming months.
Best Regards

@Georg_S thanks for getting back to this. It would be awesome. If you need some tesring (Comelit 6701W) I am very happy to help. Greetings from Amsterdam