1. Terms of Use

Thank you for using one of NUKI’s Application Programming Interfaces. By accessing or using our APIs, you are agreeing to NUKI’s Terms of Use API’s - Nuki

2. Introduction

The Bridge API offers simple endpoints to list all available Nuki Smart Locks,
retrieve their current lock state and perform lock operations.
When using the Nuki Software Bridge, all configuration is done inside the Nuki Bridge App instead
of the Nuki App.

3. Calling URL

This is the address used to call the available services of the internal webserver.
The IP address is shown in the bridge settings within the Nuki App or can be retrieved from the
bridge discovery URL.
The server is listening for incoming requests either on default port 8080 or the configured one if it
has been modified within the Nuki App.

4. Example

The following base url will be used in upcoming examples:

5. Bridge discovery & API activation

See: Bridge discovery & HTTP-API activation

6. Lock states

See: Nuki Developers

7. Endpoints

See: Nuki Developers

Latest PDF-Version

Download as PDF

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I do have the hardware bridge v2 and the discovery also does not show the IP address and any request I send cannot be opened by safari as “the server is not responding”.

The use of the API however works via my DoorBird integrated features but I need to add some extra communication with my Loxone Miniserver to enable and disable my alarm system. I would also like to unlock the Nuki via the DoorBird NFC transponder.


According to the bridge API, there’s a command for Lock n go Unlatch

That no longer seems to work the way it used to earlier. Now when sending the command, it only unlatches, but doesn’t relock. Is this is an intentional change?

There is only one lock action for lock’n’go which pulls the latch based on the handle settings of the Smart Lock.
There are separate unlatch/ubloxk lock actions though to override this setting, but not explicitly for l’n’g.

Is this documentation outdated? Seems the the Pro Lock, maybe also Door with integrated lock, have a new device type is this correct? Would like to update my plugin but there is no documentation on this, yet.

@benzman81 On the Bridge API the SL 3.0 has the device type=4. Smart Door in fact has the new device type=3.
EDIT: Confusion was that the deviceType is only updated after pairing, so you may initially see still the default value=0, but that should change on the first sync.

Documentation for all the APIs will be updated in the next days and I will keep you updated when it is available.

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@benzman81 I just updated the Bridge API documentation:

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Great. Thank.

Is it possible to manage user access and have the activation history of the lock via the API?

No, you can not manage users and/or receive with the Bridge API.

Thank you for your reply.
I have various pieces of equipment (intercoms, sirens, etc.) on my premises. I would like to be able to manage all of them from a single application (and in particular the Smart Lock 3.0 + bridge). Would you have a solution? For example, it is possible with the Web API ?

Yes, the Web API can give you access to authorization management as well as activity logs.
Best start by checking our documentation at: Nuki Developers

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Hello Bruno,

I will receive my very first Nuki next week and I want to integrate this in my existing Loxone + DoorBird Setup.

Since years I’m using the DoorBird RFIDs (BTW, they do not have NFC) to De/Activate the (Loxone) Alarm “System” and to trigger an simple electrical Dooropener (“Summer”) if the basic lock is not manually closed of course.

Long Story short, a newbie question: Did you manage to implement your requirements?

I’m still learning but this should be able within a simple DoorBird HTTP Call to…

…the Bridge API a la (Nuki Developers)

…Loxone Miniserver HTTP Virtual Input a la: http://doorbird:password@ which is mapped to the alarm-functionblock.