Bridge Beta FW 2.7.x / 1.17.x

With the latest Beta firmware versions 2.7.0 and 1.17.1 you can now:

  • get the battery in % for a Smart Lock (experimental)
    (needs Smart Lock Firmware 2.8.1/1.10.0 or higher)

  • get callbacks for door Opener ringactions which did not trigger a state change (“someone unknown rang the bell”)
    (needs Opener Firmware 1.5.1 or higher)

  • get the Keypad battery state
    (needs Smart Lock Firmware 2.8.3/1.10.1, Opener Firmware 1.5.2 and Keypad Firmware 1.7.0 or higher)



Smart Lock:

  "mode": 2,
  "state": 1,
  "stateName": "locked",
  "batteryCritical": false,
  "batteryCharging": false,
  "batteryChargeState": 85,
  "keypadBatteryCritical": false,
  "success": true


  "mode": 3,
  "state": 3,
  "stateName": "rto active",
  "batteryCritical": false,
  "keypadBatteryCritical": false,
  "ringactionTimestamp": "2020-04-27T16:13:00+00:00",
  "ringactionState": false,
  "success": true


Smart Lock:
(added batteryCharging, batteryChargeState and keypadBatteryCritical)

{“nukiId”: 11, “deviceType”: 0, “mode”: 2, “state”: 1, “stateName”: “locked”, “batteryCritical”: false, “batteryCharging”: false, “batteryChargeState”: 85,  “keypadBatteryCritical”: false

(added ringactionState, ringactionTimestamp and keypadBatteryCritical)

{“nukiId”: 11, “deviceType”: 2, “mode”: 3, “state”: 3, “stateName”: “rto active”, “batteryCritical”: false, “ringactionTimestamp”: “2020-04-27T16:13:00+00:00”, “ringactionState”: false,  “keypadBatteryCritical”: false

The update will be done autonatically if your Bridge is part of the Beta program.

Please test it out and give us your feedback!


Hi Stephan,

what does the “BatteryCharging” state mean at the SmartLock?
Have I missed to catch something? :slightly_smiling_face:

Lg, Christian

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@christianTF Good spot, but I can’t give you more details on that yet. :wink:


I am quite impatient to know more about it !!
Maybe related to the recent @Brigitte comment here => Battery elimination for Nuki 2.0

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Reserved for future use.

We don’t comment about future product releases or updates here in the forum. Follow the Nuki Blog or our newsletter for the latest news.

The lockstate will drain the battery. When it is implemented in the normal list view?

It is already. I just did not add it in my example for the sake of keeping it shorter, as it has the same structure there.
Do you have issues getting the new values with the /list command?

Aha ok. Just checked. They are there . Could be that yesterday I got the wrong ip maybe the old bridge firmware.
Today it works.
Did you plan to put also the night mode state in the bridge?

Hi Stefan!

The batteryChargeState for my lock is 100. Assuming that the unit is percent that might be a bit high since I changed the batteries months ago. I am using lithium ones.


Is the battery type correctly detected (you can check with the Nuki App at Manage Smart Lock / Battery ?

Hi Stephan,

I had set it manually to lithium. I hope, the updates didn’t reset it. Will update my post later.

The app apparently reset itself to automatic which detected “Akkus”. In addition, the battery state was “kritisch” without any warning of the app whatsoever. I changed it to lithium (state is still critical) and queried the bridge api:

[{"deviceType": 0, "nukiId": XXXXXX, "name": "Haustür", "firmwareVersion": "2.8.1", "lastKnownState": {"mode": 2, "state": 3, "stateName": "unlocked", "batteryCritical": false, "batteryCharging": false, "batteryChargeState": 100, "doorsensorState": 2, "doorsensorStateName": "door closed", "timestamp": "2020-08-06T16:15:47+00:00"}}]

I’m attaching the before and after screenshot for reference.

Update 2:
Battery report. Unfortunately, it forced me to re-enable automatic to get the shortcut to work.

Update 3:
Battery report after locking once.


Can you update the bridge api documentation with explenation of the new fields?

@PatrickR Thanks for all your feedback. We will take a look at this and get back to you directly if further details would be helpful.

We only update the official documentation for features which are public for everyone (as things could still be changed/taken back and we want to have as little outdated documentation out there as possible).

If there are things which are still unclear to you from my examples to test with your integrations, please PM me your questions.

I got the beta firmware 2.7.0 on my Bridge and version 1.5.1 on my Opener.
The RingAction state is working very well. I use ioBroker in combination with Alexa and it’s now notifying me, when someone is at the door and I’m in a room, where I normally don’t hear the Opener sound.
Very good extension! Looking forward to see this in the default firmware.

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Also got the RingAction working my SmartHome (Fhem). :slight_smile:
Can’t tell you how much I waited for this feature.

Battery state in percent is also working fine. :+1:

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I have beta firmware 2.7.0 on my bridge and version 1.5.1 on my opener.
The RingAction status works perfectly. I use it in connection with “digital stream”. I can now flash the lamps in the room and play messages via SONOS, etc.

Many thanks for the implementation :slight_smile:
Question why was it resolved via status (true / false). If you could evaluate in the future between 1 and X ring.

Updated the topic as the latest Bridge Beta firmware now also supports the new Keypad battery critical state

Note, that this requires devices to run the latest firmware and you may need to apply for Beta for those devices to receive the update.


Thanks a lot for integrating the opener ring actions callback! This is really really appreciated!!!

Any idea, when this beta will become a public release version?

Thanks again,
best regards