Battery status neede

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NUKI 2.0


Battery status in percentage


This feature is missing so you know when to recharge the batteries


Otherwise it‘s always a guess when the you have to recharge them. In many discussions this feature was requested. Would be a basic feature

yes I agree, so we can replace the battery in the right time before it dies

I was close to being out-locked from my flat.
On my bicycle lock, everytime I open the lock with the iOS App, I see the battery status.
I think, it should be easely possible to put that on the “home-screen” of every Nuki lock.
That way, I can change the batteries when I want to and not, only, when it’s already down at the threshold someone else has chosen for me (20%).
And I can verify it everytime, I open the door, not dangeling through all the menus (side-menu→"Meine Geräte verwalten"→Smartlocks→Haustüre→Administration→Scroll down→"Battery type"→Look at upper right corner)
That would really be a big help and I think quickly added.

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this feature is already in beta phase

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