Auto unlock too late

Hello Nuki team,

from time to time (in about 1 out of 5 cases) the auto unlock is processed to late, means I have to wait up to 20 seconds in front of the door. If I check the log (‘Last Auto Unlock’) I notice that in all these cases the time between the events ‘Smart Lock found’ and ‘Auto Unlock triggered’ is quite long (up to 30 seconds):

If the door is opened in time there’s only a difference of 5 to 10 seconds between these two events.
Why is there such a variation in the time sequence of the events?
Could this be improved in future releases?

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Hello Andreas, did you check by changing the below setting to “Mittel”? I didn’t face any impact on battery with this setting.

Do you have HomeKit activated? If you don’t need it, disable it.

Are you using the latest beta FW 2.4.1? If not, you can try it and test if it improves the behaviour.

I’m using already the latest beta FW 2.4.1.
I would like to use HomeKit furthermore. After all, it is the main new feature of Nuki 2.0. Does HomeKit really delay the AutoUnlock by 20 seconds?

Thanks for the hint, I will try it out. But as the delay occurs only after the bluetooth connection has been established already (event ‘Smart Lock Found’) , I’m not so optimistic.

I did not say that it delays it by 20s. It could cause interference with the Nuki App and that’s why i suggested to switch it off, if you don’t need it.

“Found” does not mean “connected”. Auto unlock will try to connect after the Smart Lock was found. Connecting is usually the part that takes up most of the time when the App tries to send a command. If you send a debug log from the App (Menu > Help), we can have a look at your log and check what causes the delay. If you do so, please mention this thread.

Ok, understood.
I’ve sent the debug log.

Have a look at the Doorman app. It utilizes the Nuki platform, but takes a different approach at location detection.

Dear Kjeld, are you related to Doorman App somehow? I don’t want to be mean here, but you seem to be promoting Doorman in all threads. This is a Nuki Developer forum and we should be helping Nuki improve their products when there are problems found in it, right? Going away from Nuki App is not the way to improve it. Of course, if there are other implementations which are better than Nuki’s then we should help Nuki to get inspired from them. But suggesting to use Doorman for every other AU problem is somehow going in the wrong direction IMHO. I hope you understand my point here. Btw, I am not related to Nuki developers anyway :slight_smile:

This is only my opinion. If Nuki Developers have a different standpoint here, feel free to override.


Dear Nirmal,
First of all, we all paid for an auto unlock solution that is not working according to expectation.

I was amongst the first to order the product and also experienced issues. I have been in direct contact with the tech lead to fix the feature, shared lots of suggestions, algorithm ideas and debug logs and performed specific tests with alfa releases and even dedicated test versions.
I became clear to me (my opinion) that the algorithm used by Nuki will not satisfy me in terms of auto lock, unlock and open, so i developed my own solutions based on the ideas shared with Nuki.
The algorithm nails it every time without any negative battery implications.

I have suggested collaboration to build a working algorithm into the core product, which would indeed be very convenient. I never even got a reply to such suggestions. That made me publish and promote the app.
Still, people should use the real Nuki app to manage the lock, calibration, user management.
The Doorman app is hardly commercial as it comes at a EUR 1 subscription for a year after 100 free smart actions. So it is merely a service to Nuki customers.
Assuming Nuki is ready this too… i am still open to supporting Nuki in building an app that delivers on the promise.

Dear Kjeld,

I honestly think what you did is great that you took a problem in your hand and solved it on your own.

Were you expecting a financial benefit by collaborating with Nuki or you wanted to contribute the solution? If it was the former case, I would assume that co-operations and acquisitions should be left to Nuki, as it is an organization and not an individual. Even in this case, I would have expected that Nuki responded to your offer in a professional way by accepting or rejecting it and not silently ignoring it.

This is anyway not a forum to discuss these topics. So I would put an end to this discussion I started. I would nevertheless ask you to promote your app (where a commercial benefit in the form of subscription is involved, elsewhere). This is just my personal take on this.


@Juergen: Is there any news? I still haven’t received an answer to my error message that I sent from the app almost three weeks ago. Even with the latest beta versions the issue is still present.

@Juergen: Very disappointing. Neither in this discussion nor to my error message sent from the app I’ve received any answer. You should not offer a beta program if you are unwilling to respond.

@acc2: Could it be, this is the same (so far unsolved) issue like that in auto-unlock-problem-with-android-pie?
Me and many others are waiting there, too. :frowning:

@Basti: No. This is not related.

@acc2: Sorry for the delay. Did you try it with HomeKit deactivated? Did updating to the new Fw 2.4.5 change the behaviour? Does your phone immediatly unlock when you push the power button (= display lights up)?

With the latest firmware and app version and HomeKit deactivated, AutoUnlock is working mostly fine in the last days. Sometime it takes still a little bit to long to open the door, but only a few seconds.
I will now reactivate HomeKit and check if AutoUnlock is getting worse again.

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