Auto-Unlock an hour after entering the flat

I’m not sure what you are waiting for?

If you want to file a feature request, please do so in the feature requests section and collect votes for it.

Several users reported the same problem, provided logs, screenshots and even suggested solutions. And the only reaction we got so far was Stephan, who appearantly didn’t understand what the problem was and then several months of no reaction at all.
It’s a potential security problem and you just see to be oblivious to it or don’t want to fix it.

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  1. There are multiple problems described in this thread. Stephans reaction was perfectly accurate to the problem that was discussed at this point.
  2. If it were that easy it would have been already fixed. The Nuki Auto-Unlock feature does already use several filters and inputs in order to fix too late or inaccurate Geofence events created by your phone, still there are some cases that can not be eliminated. → If you do the Auto-Unlock function does not work in your setting, you better not use it and use “Smart Notifications” instead.

P.S.: Often increasing the geofence size helps to trigger the Geofence earlier and reduce the likeliness of a too late geofence event.

I voted for feature request, I think the below is pretty ridiculous, I opened the door via the app (the alert didn’t come up as it usually does, doesn’t really matter why), just to have it (auto) unlocked again 3 minutes later?

Hi @Juergen, to your 2nd point:
Partly true, as Nuki just can’t know the phone has location/geofencing on powersafe in some scenarios. But also, there is a very easy solution which has been mentioned multiple times:
Make the 2min timeout configurable (2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 min or freetext).
Up to an hour is probably fine for most usecases.
You already have the logic for filtering auto unlocks for two minutes, so it’s literally just making that value configurable.

This is not a feature request, it just makes the auto unlock feature usable in everyday scenarios, so it is a bugfix, or a feature enabling enhancement, if you want to call it that.

Thanks & BR

In terms of implemenation yes. The problem is that implementing a new feature is just a small part of a “new feature”. It also needs to be integrated in the full ecosystem, explained and - which is in this case the biggest problem - customer care needs to be briefed and deal with all the (non tech) people that change the setting without knowing or understanding the side effects. Thus adding a new feature could create more unhappy customers than happy ones, which is one of the trade offs the product team has to take care of when putting together the roadmap.

Which is understandable. What is not understandable that it took several months for the first kind of useful answers by a dev.
As described before this could be potential security risk. Imagine this scenario:

  1. Auto Unlock doens’t work for reasons unknown, doesn’t matter. Maybe the phone is turned off or in power saving, really doesn’t matter. And btw. I’m perfectly fine with it if it doesn’t work 100 % or takes a few seconds extra, no big deal.
  2. I open the door by other means, so manually via the app or via a key or keypad or somebody else opens it from inside.
  3. Now a couple of minutes later suddenly Auto Unlock opens the door and nobody recognizes it, because nobody is close enough to the door. Now we have a potential security risk. This could be overnight, kids could be at home alone …

The problem seems to be, that Auto Unlock isn’t deactivated once the door sensor registers that the door was opened and closed again. And for this we need some settings or adjustments in order to prevent the scenario described above. We had this several times now when Auto Unlock was too slow for our liking and we opened the door with a key only to realize an hour later that Auto Unlock opened the door again after we already were inside.

I really understand you, but they can’t react to all possible cases. For example, when they do what you want, that auto-unlock will disable from the lock when someone opened manually, how long should be the period then, when the lock enables it again, because also then, when your phone is reachable just after this period, would again opens the door, but even more later then, and it would also prevent auto-unlock for a family member, what comes home shortly after you, - what helps in your case, is a down for a other case. We can’t have all. No offence!

Which is exactly why we suggested an adjustable time setting. And this discussion is why we have a forum. But there will be no discussion or change when the devs don’t answer for months.

I agree, a adjustable time setting would be convenient, to set it up for getting the best value for the own usecases, but it will not solve all this issues,- there will be always cases, where the setting will not be optimal then. The only thing to do, is to make a feature request (I assume this is already done), and vote for it and discuss it there, I would say.

Same in my case Lock 3.0 Pro

we hat similar experiences multiple times. but even with 100% battery. aut unlock after being at home for 3 hours and while sleeping. not a great scenario. i deactivated auto unlock.

Please contact your customer support via Help → Contact customer support to evaluate your problem.

Here we go again … We evaluated and described the problem several times already. I even provided possible and rather simple solutions. Just acknowledge the problem and solve it, I don’t see how you need more data for this.

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I have the exact same problem and the same solution came into my mind, that is described here: Simply make the timeout period configurable in the experts settings. That’s it.

Yes, it might interfere with some customers, potentially on the cost of comfort. But we are talking about a (smart) lock here, which primary use case is all about security.

Just yesterday my wife came home with my son, auto-unlock didn’t work so she opened the door manually via the app and 6 minutes later her phone triggered auto-unlock, resulting in an open door late in the evening. This really sucks and needs to be solved somehow.

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Yes. And the way to this new feature was described two years ago. :wink:

I opened this thread 2 years ago and it took the devs 5 months for a non-answer.

Sure. It’s a feature request and needs to be voted for. :wink:
More votes = higher probability of being implemented

[quote=“hosch, post:45, topic:8689, full:true”]
Sure. It’s a feature request and needs to be voted for. :wink:
More votes = higher probability of being implemented[/quote]

A feature request to fix a potential security issue, but the devs are being too German to recognize this unless it’s being pushed on the proper channels. After all, everything has to be in order in this country, we can’t have people interrupt the system, because this would harm the safety of the system. Oh wait, that’s why we opened this thread in the first place!

I too have reported the problem several times to support as suggested by the administrators but without having an intelligent and functional solution to the problem. it happens that the door doesn’t open and I have to open with the 2.0 keypad, and after a few minutes the door opens again. Truly ridiculous.

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