Disable AutoUnlock for x min after manual opening

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock


AutoUnlock should be disabled for a certain time after the door was opened manually (i.e. by key or from the inside).


Inside the app add an option like “Disable AutoUnlock for x minutes after a manuel door opening was registered via the door sensor” and the user can set the minutes.


We had a few incidents where AutoUnlock wasn’t fast enough for our liking and we opened the door with a normal key. However once we were inside the AutoUnlock kicked in and opened the door which is a potential security hazard, especially if the user isn’t in vicinity to the door and doesn’t realize that it’s open for potentially several hours.


If the user realizes that the AutoUnlock process is often too slow (the reason doesn’t matter here) and they prefer using a standard key over the app the door sensor should deactivate AutoUnlock if it registers a manual opening of the door. Thereby the door wouldn’t open unintentionally after the user went through. At the moment AutoUnlock kind of forces you to wait for it or use the app but prevents you from the using your normal physical key if you want to be sure AutoUnlock doesn’t open your door unintentionally.
This would add another security layer to prevent unintential openings.

Example of an unwanted opening (last three events):

Any reaction? Anything at all?

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