Auto Unlock Alpha Test with Samsung Android Pie devices

We have found a solution for the problem with Samsungs Android Pie BLE-scanning in certain sleep-modes, that we want to share with you for more diversified testing.

How to Update

If you got an affected Samsung Galaxy device and want to help us test the latest Alpha app versions then join the Android Auto Unlock Alpha test group:!forum/nuki-android-auto-unlock

Please use the account with which you are logged into the Google Play Store.

After joining you have to confirm the test agreement at: - please note that without confirmation you won’t receive the app versions with the latest Auto Unlock updates!

After confirming the test agreement you will receive the Android app update via Play Store as usual.

Important Notes

  • This version is an early Alpha for testing Auto Unlock improvements on Samsungs Galaxy devices with Android Pie and is therefore not meant to be used by regular users. It should have no impact on other devices though.

  • On (only) the first Auto Unlock attempt it may be necessary to wake up your phone/activate the display to enforce our adopted BLE-checking method.


Do not forget to enable the debug mode (via Menu -> Help -> Debug Mode). Please send your detailed feedback and logfiles directly to our developers at


This update is now live for all users and should solve the existing problems with Samsung Galaxy devices with Android Pie.

Is that topic hot again? My Samsung S7 Edge keeps asking me for geolocatoin permission again and again. Was ok for months but happened again the last week’s.