Auto unlock problem with Android Pie

Same problem here with galaxy S8 after Android 9 update…

Auto unlock also doesn’t work with my samsung Galaxy S9+ android 9 update. When will this be fixed? The problem almost exist for 2 months.

Samsung Note 9 , same problem here!

When will this finally be fixed? Meanwhile it seems that there are no more plans to fix it at all.
If so, the auto-unlock feature would be a new feature for the affected phones and I contemplate to set up a feature request for this and begin collecting votes for it. I bet this would get the no.1 feature request immediately!
There is no excuse in saying it is the responibility of Samsung, because I know no other bluetooth device which has nearly such problems with Samsungs devices.

Yes, you are right in the sense that some things need to be completely rebuilt to have a custom solution for this issue on the Samsung devices, as all tests and feedback from user-logs show, that you can’t just easily deactivate this special Samsung Bluetooth mode. And I can assure you that we see the need and are on it.

But no, we are not the only device with this issue. You can find tons of support threads in Samsung’s forums around the world regarding this.

Please check our new Android App Alpha:

We are looking forward for your feedback, if you want to test it out.

Yes, it seems to work again!
Unlock was always successful and behaved like usual after installation of beta app. :relaxed:

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Anyone else with feedback for us on the new Alpha?

@ Stepehan.

It looks that it also solved the problem with my samsung S9. 2 times it didn’t work, because my Phone didn’t noticed it was inside the geofence area. I think it didn’t had that problem with the app 2.1.5. So i raised the geofence area back from 50 mtr to 100 mtr. I will look if this solved my problem. But when it noticed it is inside the geofence area it is a 100% opening door. :+1:

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Looks good. First tries where successful. Didn’t need to wake up phone. Door was auto-unlocked as soon as i was standing in front of it. Will continue to observe, but for now I am happy. :wink:

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Sorry, but I don’t get it. You say, you would be “on it”. Andorid Pie developer is out since March 2018. You do have a developer team, hence you should be “on it” since more than a year now. The final version was released August 2018 - half a year ago. For me as an effected customer it looks like that your team missed something important here and all you suggest is “be our alpha app tester and send us debug reports”. Seriously?

When I come home with two persons and the other is auto unlocking the door, after a while, already sitting in the sun on the balcony, I pick up my phone and the door opens again. Another scenario: Coming home late, going straight to bed, picking up my phone to set the timer for the next morning: open door at night. If not permanently thinking about it the door could be open for hours before realising it. S*cks BIG TIME.

Having paid for your product, I as a customer don’t want to be a beta or even worse alpha tester for your stuff. I would like to have a working product and no, not somewhere in the future. Thanks.

PS: I am happy to test stuff for you and provide debug logs and feedback. You may send a PM if you would like my address for sending me the nuki opener…

Using Galaxy S9… Its now (Alpha Version) working better then ever!

Thanks a lot
Christian Felsch

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As stated above this is not an issue with Android Pie in general but with undocumented changes from Samsung how they handle BLE scanning in sleep modes.

We use our Developer Forum to coordinate Beta tests by volunteer helpers. We appreciate this support a lot, as it helps us to test new features and fixes on many more devices and in many more setups when we could easily do ourselfs, in a shorter amount of time.

For customer support please go to:

The guidelines for this forum can be found here:

@MrLee99 Thanks for your feedback. Please keep us updated on long term behaviour.

But aren’t the changes in BLE scanning in sleep modes in done in Android Pie? I mean, even your team and you are using “Android Pie” in reference to this auto unlock problem.

And I do understand what a developer forum is for. And it is nice, when you announce a feature and people are willing to try it out before final release so you can make some necessary changes. For a feature, which is already implemented and has been since Gen 1 for years now, which then just fails to work - this is something totaly different! Basicly saying: If a customer is ending up in the developer forum, because he is looking for a solution for such an enoying issue where your support team is not able to help, something is serously wrong with your product and support. And yes, I realize that you don’t like to hear that…

Btw. your alpha App didn’t open my home eihter. I even opend the App, went to Auto Unlock settings, opened the map, all connection icons where indicating that auto unlock could happen, but it didn’t. I opend the door via Nuki by hand then. As soon as I was inside auto unlock was triggered and the door opened again (Phone was in my pocket). It was the first time trying out the alpha and your team wrote the very first time it would be possible that you have to unlock the phone again, but I thought auto unlock should be triggered then.

There are 3 things to consider here:

  1. Device specific battery saving modes: They have been here for some time and getting (from an App developer perspective) worse with every update. Setting the “battery management” to “not automatic” (or similar depending on UI) normally helps here and we give warnings for this in the Nuki App if someone activates Smart Notifications. Though some devices still seem to ignore those settings in some cases (see
  2. Android Pie general battery saving / handling of background tasks for Apps: To solve problems here we introduced a solution which resulted into a (permanent) notification that the Nuki app is running in the background
  3. Samsung Galaxy specific BLE issues introduced with their new flagship devices (and Android 9 updates for the older ones): That’s what the current Alpha version adresses (only for those devices)

As you commented in a topic which was before focused on the 3rd point I assumed you faced the exact same problem. My apologies if this was a wrong assumption and I therefore may have answered confusing for you.

Still it would help us if you send send a log-file with the exact time when it occured to our support team at, so they can check the details of what happend (if you haven’t already done!).

When will the fix officially released?

Seems to work again but the unlock is a little late for me, I think I wait several seconds in front of the door, so I would really like to set the sensitivity manually.

Feedback is good in general so far. We will have a small UI-adoption to be able to deploy it for everyone. But hopefully soon™. (Sorry, can’t give you an ETA yet)

We have some generel tipps for Auto Unlock optimization you could check (if not already done):