Consider door sensor status when door is open for lock actions: yes/no

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door sensor in combination with any ‘lock’ event


It happens that the door locks although it’s open. I understood that this is wanted for safety reasons.
But it is not logical and not smart at all if a door locks when it’s open.
Please provide an option in the app in which to choose if the door sensor status should be considered for locking actions or not.


Consider door sensor status when door is open for lock actions: yes/no
If yes, the lock action will not be performed.


It is not logical and not smart if a door locks when it’s open.
It saves unneccessary locking operations


How would you like to use this feature?
List all usecases you can think of!
e.g. Person 1 leaves home, person 2 brings out garbage and leaves door open, person 1 leaves geofence, door locks although it’s open

I have no votes but please please implement this feature!!!

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It would be good to have this implementation!
Lock and go action should perform the same, counter to start only when the door is opened.

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Link to a similar request

To add - it might make sense to couple the latch to the sensor (and include a timeout, just in case the sensor is not working).

So hold the latch open until the door sensor has indicated the door is open, then release the latch.

I’ve had it quite regularly that the latch is opened but I did not open the door in time. Increasing the timer for the latch in the other hand sometimes means that I need to wait for the latch to be released in order to close the door.
So in my opinion it makes sense to also use the sensor for this purpose.

This is the current functionality. The latch will be released when the door is indicated as open or when the selected unlatch time has passed.

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The main problem is, especially when you have kids, that when the door is open for example 1 minute and lock and go was enabled the lock ignores the open status and locks the door. So it must first be unlocked to be locked again :confused:

There has been an intensive discussion and usability testing of different options during the 2.7.x beta about the influence of the door sensor on some functions and the joint conclusion was that for Lock’n’go the door should be locked in any case, even when the door sensor reports open or disturbed.


In your case either Auto-Lock or a Keypad (locking via back button) are probably better choices than using lock’n’go.

I could imagine multiple use cases for “don’t lock if door is open”.

I think it would be good to let the customer / user decide if they need the security of “always lock” or if the usability “door sensor should be considered even if means a reduction of security” has priority.

So a toggle to “always lock on Auto-Lock and Lock’n’Go” or “never lock when door sensor reports open or disturbed” in the smart lock settings would be great!

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Year 2022, and still didnt fixed it?