Apple Watch App with Cellular should use web-api

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Apple Watch App


The Apple Watch App should communicate through the web-api with the nuki-devices.


Actually the Apple Watch App uses bluetooth to communicate with the opener or smart-lock, if the iphone is not reachable.
That is rather useless when using an opener, because it often is not reachable through bluetooth.
The Apple Watch models with Cellular should better use the web-api to communicate with the locks.


The Opener cannot be controlled with the Apple Watch App if the iPhone is connected.


I want to go out and take only my apple watch (with cellular) with me (and no keys).

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There is another similar feature request open:

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If this change is implemented it would have to be configurable by the user, e. g. if no bridge is available or if the bridge is used in a local only setup (i. e. without internet).

The latest iOS App Beta contains a (completely rewritten) Apple Watch App which has the feature do lock/unlock directly via BLE/LTE/WIFI without the need for a nearby Smartphone .

Please give it a try and report your findings into the iOS App Beta topic: