Nuki Opener and Independent Apple Watch App

I did test it quite a bit, but it seams not possible to connect with the Apple Watch without the iPhone to the Nuki Opener.
With the iPhone, the connection is fine, so my bridge works fine.
When I turned on “Plane Mode” on my iPhone and open the Nuki App on the watch, the watch connects to the Smart Lock, but can not connect to the Nuki Opener.

Is it a known issue and will it be fixed in a future update?

I mainly installed the whole setup to go running without a house key, now have to turn on permanent mode on the Opener, which really is a shame.

Edit: it is an LTE Watch


I checked this and I can confirm that it is not possible to open the door via opener while Apple Watch is connected to WiFi (and disconnected with iPhone). It will probably never be possible to open via opener without cellular or WiFi connection as the opener is not triggers via Bluetooth (to my understanding), which makes sense as you might be out of Bluetooth range of the opener (which of course sits on top of your intercom of your 330qm loft in the 20th floor :wink: ) when you are at the front door.
But I would also like to see an option to trigger the opener with the watch via WiFi.

Same here. I created a feature request here: Apple Watch App with Cellular should use web-api

Please vote :slight_smile:

I am using the beta app version 2.6.0. Now the opener works if both devices (iPhone, Apple Watch) are connected via WiFi. Not sure if it works with LTE

As a temporary measure, you can add a IFTT button which open the Opener over the Internet with Nuki web. It just requires the IFTT app on your Apple Watch ans the right applet. It’ not perfect, sometimes slow, … but it’s working!



Hi . I can’t find the IFTTT Service to open the Opener - there ist only one for the Smart Locks - right?

Yeah, I was Trinkmilch about it, but it should not be necessary. I’d like to keep the number of systems communicating outer internet small, to reduce possible attack vectors and to be honest, to allow to work the one thing and not the other is just bad user experience.
But let’s see, maybe Apple introduces on the 22th an extension to HomeKit, for all those guys living in a multi tenant building and maybe even living in Europe where people have locks you can open, close and pull a latch.

Can a Nuki developer maybe give feedback on this subject? Not being able to open Nuki Opener via Apple Watch LTE is a real dealbreaker. Every time I forget to activate I forget to activate the permanent mode when I go for a run. I have to call someone via the Apple Watch, someone who I gave access so there can open the Nuki Opener from 5k away when I stand right in front of the door. That is sounds a bit like a comedy.

Did anybody test if this is possible yet? I have a Series 6 watch with LTE (but no SIM card yet) and would like to activate my opener when I go running. 99.9% of the time the phone will be at home with WiFi enabled but it would be ideal if the watch app could use the web API and activate the opener via the bridge, regardless of whether the phone is on or not.

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Nop, still not working. The watch needs to be in range of the opener itself, not even a connection to the bridge is enough

That’s sad. I hope we can an acknowledgment from the Nuki devs here.

This is a feature request which is already covered here:

Hi all,

I do believe it is essential… Any update from Nuki about the feature request?

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Is there any update? Still not working. Not via LTE or Wi-Fi.