APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 3.2.0-Beta

We released a new iOS app version 3.2.0-Beta .

What’s new?

3.2.0 (2205) Beta 1 - 22.12.2021


  • Improved Apple Watch app: you can now control your Nuki device also via LTE/WiFi without your phone nearby.
  • Auto Unlock: with the expert setting “Motion activity” a new feature to avoid unwanted auto unlocks is introduced.


  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

3.2.0 (2208) Beta 2 - 24.01.2022

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes to beta 1.

Please update your Nuki app and give us your feedback!

I put up the new beta nuki app. Experiences: I tried Apple Watch 7 LTE (I only tested it 1 time so far): I didn’t have a mobile phone, apple watch was on a mobile network, I launched the Nuki app on the watch, but you wrote “No Nuki found”. :frowning: I only have one Nuki device right now, an opener that connects to the internet via a bridge. As soon as I got home and reached for the watch on my phone, launching the Nuki app on the watch had already been released by the opener.
I thought this beta app would be able to handle the opener from an apple watch without a phone.

I’m sorry, I messed up the testing. It was not enough to upgrade the mobile app to beta. After upgradeing the beta mobile app, I removed the Nuki app from the apple watch and then reinstalled it. Then I tried again, by then everything was working perfectly. Apple watch 7 LTE mobile connection (without phone) works properly with the opener.

I think I have seen the app update yesterday. Since yesterday noon I have no AU anymore. Motion activity was disabled. I have enabled it now, will report if it works again. I am on iOS 15.1

Does the new Watch app also allow to execute shortcuts wich contain Nuki actions independently on the Watch without the iPhone having to be in reach?


Pity :frowning_face:

My AU has definitely less reliability than before. This morning I had two occasions where I left the geofence for more than 30 minutes and had no AU when returning, I can confirm that AU wasn’t interrupted because another person entered just before me. Similar the days before, AU works very seldem. Nobody else seeing that issue?
Update 2/Jan: when disabling attention mode, I had immediately an AU
Update 4/Jan: I disabled attention mode yesterday again, no AU. So this seems not to be the solution for me. I’ll try to re-install the app and restart the phone, to see if this has some effect.

Ich kann das Smartlock 3 pro mit der Apple Watch 3 LTE ohne Probleme zu/aufsperren.
Was mir fehlt ist eine Rückmeldung ob es gekpappt hat.
Und evtl. der aktuelle Status wenn ich die App an der Watch öffne.

Ist ein Autounlock mit der Watch möglich?

It is not related to this version, but I think there is a bug in the application: If I have a door sensor, in case of lock & go, after opening the door (if I don’t close the door yet), after x sec (which can be configured in the application) it closes the lock so also that the door is open. :frowning: I think it’s a bit confusing. Maybe you might want to add a longer configurable time in the app (e.g. 3 minutes, 5 minutes) or a setting that only operates locking when the sensor detected closed door?


The behavior you see was the outcome of a long beta phase for the door sensor (there is a topic around that somewhere in the forum). Most testers wanted lock n go do close after a certain time regardless of the door sensor to report closed or not („even if the door sensor fails or does not work, i always want to have my door locked when i leave“). Auto Lock does not have this behavior. If you want a longer timeframe you could use that instead.

No. Apple does not provide any background task capabilities for Watch Apps.

That does not make any sense for me.
If the door locks if the door is open, the lock is locked, but the door is still open…
I think the best option for everyone would be to make this as an selectable option.


I would find it very nice if the lock recognizes a closed door within the lock’n’Go timeframe and lock the door as soon as the door is closed. Mine did this in the beginning, but lost this function with the last official firmware release.

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For me, this feature works well now (firmware version 3.1.10).

All right, I get it. It’s just uncomfortable when the door is open and the lock closes. :frowning:
At auto lock, I don’t want it to close right away (eg I’ll take the trash to the stairwell for 3 minutes, I don’t want to exclude myself), so I have the sensor turned off and set to auto lock for 5 minutes. Lock & go should lock immediately, but only if the door is really closed.
But no problem, I understand the explanation, I accept the answer if the majority says so good. :slight_smile:

Since the update i dont have icons anymore on my watch but only text (without spaces) if i click on the text the Nuki locks are working but i dont have any icons anymore

This is how it should work and also does work. Seems like something is wrong with your door sensor. Please check in the activity log of the Smart Lock if there is really a “door closed” entry in the protocol at that time.

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Ok, my bad. The Sensor was not calibrated correctly. I did that and now the protocol includes the sensor and the function should work from now on. Thanks for pointing this out to me.

For me, AU does not work anymore. I deinstalled the app, deleted the user, reinstalled. Set everything for AU, left home, checked that I was outside home on the map, came back, nothing happened. Opened the map, showed me being next to the SL. No difference if attention mode or Bewegungsdaten are on or off.
iOS 15.1