Apple Watch and Nuki Opener

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Apple Watch App and the Nuki Opener


Possibility to open the door (Nuki Opener) without bluetooth over Internet (Apple Watch cellular)


It should be possible to open the front door (opener) via Internet if you have an Apple Watch with cellular or over wifi. Usually the Bluetooth Singnal is not enough to operate the opener via Bluetooth.


Leave the home without key und iphone. Only with the Apple Watch.


I leave very often the home without the smartphone. The Apple Watch ist always on your wrist.

If no bridge is available or if the bridge is used in a local only setup (i. e. without internet) this won’t work. Thus, if implemented, it should be configurable by the user.

Please read: Possibility to open the door (Nuki Opener) without bluetooth…

This mean use the internet if bluetooth not working… If you can open the opener with bluetooth nothing change for you. In my case bluetooth do not work and so i can not use the opener with the watch. With my iphone the power of bluetooth is good to open the opener.

But a option to activate internet function for the watch is ok.

Assuming that you are referring to my post: Your initial request was completely open for any interpretation. My intention was to make sure that there won’t be a step backwards, i. e. a cloud-only implementation.

As I am currently having problems with the bridge regularly reconnecting if no “cloud” is available I admit I might be a bit sensitive here.


Cloud-only would be a realy stupid implementation. I prefer solution without internet but if this is not possible i don‘t have against a internet solution. Internet should be only a fallback option.

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oha, I expected this feature already.
I’m new to AW cellular and my opener will never be in bluetooth distance from the front door. Maybe Wifi. Cellular would be preferred when iphone is not connected.
So i could have saved the 100€ for cellular because a solution is not behind the corner?

Nuki User

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This should be really high priority. And it should be easy to implement the main app code into the apple watch app.


My watch is never going to be in either BT or WiFi range, so I really hope that the internet/web-API feature over LTE/WiFi will be implemented soon.


Your user case is probably the most common. Openers are usually installed in multi-story appartment buildings where the odds of having Bluetooth or WiFi at the entrance are low.

It’s kind of ironic that the Lock can be controlled over cellular with the Apple Watch but not the Opener. Both should be able to, or the other way around — like this it makes no sense.


This feature is highly appreciated. I cannot leave my phone at home while running.


Is there some news to open the Opener with the Apple watch Cellular?


You know that we don’t comment/share our roadmap in the forum … so no, no news.

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Got my Nuki hardware (SmartLock 3, Bridge, Opener) a few days ago and I am in general really happy with the setup, but after my first run without my iPhone I wasn’t able to open the house door (opener). I have an Apple Watch 7 with LTE which can make phone calls or stream music while running, so it would be really nice if I also could open the house door, otherwise I’ll need a hardware key again :confused:. Maybe the Homebridge+Opener-Plugin would be a temporary solution?

The latest iOS App Beta contains a (completely rewritten) Apple Watch App which has the feature do lock/unlock directly via BLE/LTE/WIFI without the need for a nearby Smartphone .

Please give it a try and report your findings into the iOS App Beta topic: