APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2024.2.1-Beta (Improved Shortcuts) / 2024.2.2 / 2024.2.3

We released a new iOS app version 2024.2.1-Beta.

What’s new?

2024.2.1 (2492) 21.12.2023-Beta

New and improved Shortcuts:

This release contains major improvements for Shortcuts.

  • With the Shortcuts app it is now possible the perform device specific lock actions for every device in the app (no need to perform a lock action to show up).
  • It is now possible to get the lock state for a certain device.
  • The app supports Siri phrases, for example “Lock Nuki front door”, “Start Lock and Go for Nuki office”, “Activate Ring to Open for Nuki main entrance” or “Unlock Nuki office”.
  • Available in German and English, other languages will follow
  • iOS 17 is required for the new Shortcuts. Old Shortcuts are still supported but do not show up anymore.

Remember: this is a beta release, features could change or break with a new version. Please provide your feedback in the comments.

Additional Features:

  • iOS 15 is now the minimum version required with this release.
  • Improved command timeout to improve device response.
  • Various behind the scenes changes an improvements.


  • Fixed an issue where Smart Notifications where not shown
  • Device state was fetched to frequent when app was started in background (e.g. location update)

2024.2.1 (2504) 01.02.2024-Beta



  • Several bugfixes and improvements to the topics addressed in the first beta.

2024.2.1 (2505) 05.02.2024-Beta


  • Fixes an bug during HomeKit activation on iOS 17.4

2024.2.1 (2506) 06.02.2024-Beta


  • Fixes an bug during Remote Access activation

2024.2.2 (2508) 15.02.2024


  • Fixes an bug during redeeming the Remote Access activation code where a dialog indicated that the code is not valid. Remove access activation still works.

2024.2.3 (2509) 20.02.2024


  • Fixes an crash for Smart Lock 1 when a specific timezone (-9/+9 and others) is set.

Please update your Nuki app and share your experience.

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Recently, my shortcut to open door suddenly only started to unlock the lock but does not pull the latch anymore. When I run the same shortcut second time it pulls the latch. Will this be fixed? Thanks.

We need more more information, send you a PM.

Huh, my lock is actually from a competitive company, I only got the opener from you. I’ve been thinking of Nuki by mistake when I was writing this thread. Please disregard completely - my epic fail :slight_smile:

With the new beta, enabling Remote Access via Thread is now supported. Please install the latest beta firmware version available Smart Lock (4th generation) Firmware Beta 4.1.x.

Since I activated the thread+online feature, the app takes quite some time to connect when I am at home within Bluetooth range of the Nuki.

Hi, the app still connects via Remote Access regardless of the device in BLE range or not. You can send me your logs via Help → Contact customer support.

I can have more detailed look into it. Please attach a short note when you experienced the problem (timestamp) and let customer support know to forward it to me. Thank you.