APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2.1.6-Beta

We released the new iOS app version 2.1.6-Beta.

What’s new?

  • If the iPhone is not connected to the Apple Watch or can not reach the Smart Lock, the Nuki Watch App does now lock & unlock directly via Bluetooth.
    You can see that the watch app operates in independent mode when no Smart Lock state is displayed before or after a lock command.

Please update your Nuki app and give us your feedback!


After installing this version, the doorsensor status is missing from the home screen of the app.

you’re right, thanks for the hint! we’ll fix it asap.

and is it also possible to change the color to white of this text? Dark grey on a black background is very hard to read under bright light circumstances, for example when being outside.

There’s now an updated beta available:

  • Bugfix for door sensor state not shown on home screen
  • Several other small bugfixes

Please test unlocking your door with our Apple watch app when the watch is disconnected from the phone and report any issues here in the developer forum.

How long does it take for the update to become available, since I’m not seeing it.

Usually immediately. You can try a pull down refresh on the main screen of the Testflight App.

Nope, doesn’t work. 2.1.6 build 1169 is the latest available on both my devices.

Testflight seems to be partially down. You can try again now. If it still doesn’t work you’ll have to wait until Apple fixes it.

It’s available now. I updated it a minute ago.