Make Nuki on Apple Watch a real app

Product name

Nuki app on iOS


It seems the Nuki app on the Apple Watch today is only a companion app as without connectivity to my iPhone I am unable to control the lock. However, watches can use wifi and may even have LTE.


The Watch app shall be able to communicate with the lock independent from the iPhone, either by:

  • BTLE directly
  • local wifi (using the Nuki Bridge directly)
  • backwards connection to iPhone via wifi (when both are connected to the same wifi but cannot see each other via BT); this seems to work today but it takes a loooong time for the watch to find the iPhone and be able to reach the Nuki app on it. Way too long… but probably that’s Apple related stuff to this is not a preferred option at all.
  • Nuki Web (using internet connectivity via built-in LTE or 3rd party wifi connection)

Ideally auto-unlock would work as well, but might be tricky. Not sure the Watch could listen for the BTLE broadcasts of the locks to do that. However, I think the Watch could a BTLE beacon itself and either the lock directly or the bridge could receive the signal to react on it.

This feature does not need to be 100% right from the beginning, developing in several iterations is totally okay.


More freedom, no grabbing of phone or keys.


Going out with my dog in the morning, just wearing my Watch (and clothes, yes…).
Coming home from a run where it’s really inconvenient to take a big phone or taking keys (typical use case of having an Apple Watch actually).

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With the newest iOS App Beta the Apple Watch can now lock/unlock the Smart Lock directly via Bluetooth: