SOLVED: Apple Watch Control Nuki without iPhone

When will it be possible to control Nuki without a iPhone inmy pocket because new Apple Watch has cellular?

This is a planned feature, but not yet implemented. Currently you can only control the Nuki phone app remotely with the Watch app, just like a remote control. Your iPhone has to be in Bluetooth range to the Smart Lock or the Smart Lock must be reachable via Bridge (which is given in most cases. e.g. if you go running with the Watch and leave the iPhone at home).

With the integration of HomeKit I guess I can just use the HomeKit WatchApp to open my door, right?

But I can not leave my phone at home and control via watch but my Nuki is connected via Bridge why?

Yes, but - it seems from our testing that - the Home app on the watch also requires connectivity to a remote device (iPhone, iPad, AppleTV) which is in BLE range of the Smart Lock.

Because the watch is basically a remote control to the Nuki iOS app. Direct access from the watch to a Smart Lock via the bridge is not possible due to limitations inside WatchOS. However direct access via BLE is possible and - as mentioned by Kerstin - a planned feature.

If you have an LTE Apple Watch and a Nuki with bridge, you should be able to operate the Nuki watch app from everywhere as long as the iPhone is switched on and connected to the internet.

Yeah by definition you only get HomeKit to work “remotely” if you have a hub and Apple only clasefies following devices as capable (or supported) for that:

I guess as soon as you have your iPhone with you at home you don’t need any of those devices listed abouve :slight_smile:

I have an AppleTV as my HomeHub

Looking forward to the Nuki 2.0!

Quick question: Will there be beta devices send out of some testers? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not really remote when you are in front of your door and your watch is in BLE reach of the Smart Lock. Still the home app on the watch won’t talk directly to the SL but needs another i device as proxy.

@ Beta devices: Unfortunately no.

Hi, any news on the Watch app direct BT connection to the lock? I have a Nuki 2.0 and I would like to control it only via the watch app, without needing to carry my iPhone in the pocket.


Hi, did you check our app update from last week? It is now possible to control your Smart Lock with the Apple Watch directly via Bluetooth! :blush: