ALCAD TED-001 Digital 2 Wire

Hello everyone.

After I used and I am very happy with all Nuki Stuff, I am tried to install Nuki in my parents home while I found some “problems” with Opener.

My parents Intercom is 2 wire so I think I should install like Michel Mayoral said in this post but not sure because I saw that some Intercoms need a resistance and I do not want to burn it and need to buy a new one find it out how to install…

The Intercom is an:
TED-001 E7

You can see the pictures of the intercom inside with front and back of the circuit.

My knowledge about electronics is very lower-basic.

Regards and thanks for your time.

Looks like a BUS System.
For this you need just the two wires of the first picture :blush:
I would try the config for BUS Systems.

Thank you I’ll try and report!

I tried but I got some errors after I setup with debug mode active and latest stable firmware which is 1.4.6

I connected:

“BUS -” and Nuki Black together as is in the pic.
Green and orange together where was the Brown (“BUS +”) in the picture.
“BUS +” (brown in pic) to the clamp and also to the clamp red and yellow.

I got the errors in the pics.


Did you try to change the cables? Not always is BUS+ how it seems.
Try the way from this plan :blush:

I will try to change BUS+ and BUS- by the way but yes, that’s the schema I used.

BTW. In other topics wrote some ppl to add just the red and black cable works too.
Red in to BUS+ and Black in to BUS- both as second cable without remove on :blush:

I’ll try, thank you!

Does not work :cry:

Anyone can help?

Any news with your Alcad intercom?

No, sorry. Finally I just did not install it because I got a code for the Intercom and now I can go in with a password.

Anyway if someone can fix it or want me to test I can do it, but this installation is not on my house so I would need the test you want to make.