ACET 702 Bus Intercom?


Im trying to connect an Acet 702 2 wires with the Nuki Opener.

Although not on list of compatible devices I believe it shouldnt be a problem to make it work. 2 threads talk about this model:

This one didn’t go anywhere

Here someone managed to make the door unlock but slightly different model hard to follow

I am not too sure if I need to use
generic BUS config (black and red cables)
generic Analogue (like the guy from the second thread who used blue and purple cables)

Would that yellow part at the bottom of the intercom (connected with 2 yellow wires) be the Buzzer?
I will eventually get the Ring function to work after I manage the Opening part.

Thanks for your help!

Hi! Please do me favor, please take a short wire or metal clamp, and touch and short screw 5 and 6, and look if the door opens when you short them, - should be the same as when you push the opening button! If it goes open, I think I can get this to work!?

Yes indeed when I short 5 and 6 the door opens! :heart_eyes:
What’s next ? (for the configuration to choose + for the ring)

Hi! Great, then we have a chance here, but it’s a custom wiring, so we have to look, what is right! The Copper-Coil in the down part of the intercom should be the buzzer for Ring-Sound when someone rings, and we take this thing directly, for ring-recognision! I see on your photo, that the two wires of the coil are going to R1 & R2 in the left upper corner of the intercom, and we try at first R2! At first connect the blue&purple opener wire together to the red and yellow wires in the screw blocks, do blue to red and purple to yellow, what is for the opening mechanism! Now connect the yellow opener wire to R2 (connect it anyhow for trying at first)! Now connect the opener wires to the opener, reset the opener, and do a fresh setup and choose generic analogue as intercom in the app, and look if opening works, and if the opener is recognising the ring! Get back with the results here, qnd we do further!

Any progress!?

Unfortunately I didn’t succeed. I managed to find someone to try to help me by standing by the door whilst I was activating the door switch but it didnt work. And a new tenant moved in before I got to the bottom of this. So I packed the Nuki and took it with me.
I will try again next time (years), it’s a shame I had all the schematics and similar models are supported I was almost there I thought.
Thanks for your help!


May I jump onto this topic….?!?
Rose, I did what you suggested, and I was able to see the ring, and I’m also able to open it via app.
What would be the next steps?

Hi! Great! Then take off again the yellow opener wire and do it in one port of the nuki-clamp, now take also off the original wire where you attached the yellow opener wire before (upper left RZ of the 4 RZ Ports) and do it in the second port of the nuki-clamp, now connect the green opener wire to this same RZ Port, finish! Now reset the opener, and do a fresh setup, and all should work now! Let me know!

thank you very much for your fast reply… Ill give it a shot, but it will take me some time since the
wire is soldered onto the bracket, and i dont have a soldering iron at home. But ill get back to you as soon as i can finish it…

Many thanks again for your help… Its much appriciated,


No problem! But you don’t have to solder anything, this on RZ is a clamp on a metal lip, you can just pull it off (Sometimes a bit hard to pull off, but its just attached!

Okay, now I did this rediculous setup just for testing purposes (just to know if it will work)… I was able to suppress the ring as well

Yeah, you can do it also this way, it’s the same! Now you should have all functions working!?

Yes, i do have all the functions… Thanks again for your help :smiley:

Great! No problem! Let me know, if you need further information! Have fun!

Let’s put this bad boy in the list of supported devices

Oh Hi! Is this wiring also working for you?

Perhaps this can help.

The Acet 702 is a 1+n (2wire) analog system.

n = neutral = 0 V

The other wire is some sort of a bus. It is for audio, ring, opening the door.

The connector 5 is for the n wire (the yellow wire in my case)
the connector 6 is for the bus (the blue wire in my case)

How to connect the Nuki Opener ?

In the Nuki app select a 2 wire analog device to know the connection diagram.
In any case you must connect :

  • the neutral opener wire to the connector 5
  • the bus opener wire to the connector 6.