Help with 2 wire Acet 702

Does anyone have a tip on how to wire Acet 702 wire?

Looks like this

Hi! Looks funny, but should be no issue! But I need a more near more sharp Foto, then I should be able to say you the correct wiring!

Basically this is the one I have at home - the above picture was the one I found on internet which shows terminals :slight_smile:

Whooo, you have a special thingy here! This is a bus system wired on a analogue intercom, modified to work together! For what is the black switch on the side?

Could be - I didn’t set it up, it came in the apartment I’m renting.

The switch turns off the ringing basically (in case one does not want to be disturbed).

Very well, then it should work! We need one further thing for get this to work, - the long metal bar, when you push on the opening button, it closes a circuit, please look where the metal bar touches on when pushing, and the part where its pushing on, have to be connected to a wire, please look what wire this is.

This seems to be the case:

Thank you so much for taking your time!

No problem! I mean this little copper plate, where the long metal bar pushes on, when you push this big black button (please see screenshot), - this copper plate should have a wire connected, and this one we need.

Just to avoid confusion, the big black button in the middle (that closes the copper plate) is pressed when the headphone is resting. It connects to the blue wire (5).

The far right small copper plate gets pressed when holding the “unlock door button”.

Ok, and where you open the door?

The far right one - connected to the right yellow arrow.

Ok, from where comes the ring sound, - separate bell?

Yes, the bell is right under.

Forget it, I think I have understood it!? The two yellow wires what you marked, pleased connect the blue opener wire to one of it, and the purple opener wire to the other one! - But mostly it will not work over the screws with the numbers, you have to look how you connect them!

Will this do it for the test, or shall I connect it elsewhere?

No thats good, there.

So, I managed to make the unlocking work by connecting the blue and purple wires like on the picture - and that’s already great!

Now I’m wondering how can I implement the “ring to open” part.
I would guess that some opener wire needs to receive a ring signal?

Hi, great! Yes for the ring signal you need the ring wire, and have to unscrew it from the intercom, and put it in the nuki clamp, then put the yellow opener wire also in this clamp, and then screw the green opener wire on the block on the intercom, where you taken out the ring wire before, finish! This would be the right ring circuit, but only when you have NO external bell, otherwise you have to wire the external bell directly to the opener! Let me know!