Acet 2 wire intercom issues

Hi there,
I’ve recently purchased the Nuki opener. I’m looking to attach to my intercom handset. I think I’ve the ACET 702 which would be a 2 wire system. Has anyone had any success installing it? I had some playing around with the unknown bus setup with no success but I’m a complete novice with electrical wiring. Anyone have any advice? See pictures.

Hello! Take a wire, and hold it on the screws where the red and black cables are going in (shorting), and look if this activates the buzzer. And I think you have a separate bell, is this right?

Which wire do I hold up against the red and black? I haven’t the opener configured. Will this work regardless?

No, just take a other wire, and hold it shortly on the screws, to short the circuit between them, to look if the buzzer goes on. This are a few testings to know if the opener can work for you.