Zigbee in 2.0

Well, I got an offer for a 30€ coupon. I might use it to buy a fob and give the homekit integration a try, but I’m still looking into alternatives to nuki because of this.

By the way, you might want to update the product pages. if you already know that the feature might not be possible at all (as you stated in the email), this could be seen as false advertisement:

As a result of the new motherboard, the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 is now also compatible with the popular Smart Home standard “ZigBee”.

The chip in our Smart Lock 2.0 also supports the Zigbee communication standard

As a final thought: could you please specify what is meant by quality standards? Zigbee is a protocol used by many companies and considered as secure. If it’s a faulty chip, why scrap such a huge feature (integration with hue, ikea, xiaomi etc) instead of fixing it and let people get a replacement? There are some companies that obviously regret ever offering open apis and try everything to force the user back into their closed environments. When I read your vague description it really sounds like you someone high up noticed how much money they make with accessories and went berserk when he learned about the upcoming release of some insane hippie communist feature that theoretically makes all of these “after-sale opportunities” obsolete.

I know that tech like smart locks can be a nightmare security wise but right now I don’t understand why there is no real information about the issue like “the delay is over 20 seconds and we can’t release it until we can get it below 10”.

Edit: I just re-read the mail and this part bugs me:

After conducting an extensive analysis, we came to the conclusion that our approach to integrating Zigbee would not meet our high quality standards with regard to usability

Could you elaborate what usability means? I guess it’s really complicated to implement a working api for all systems that are out there especially concerning Nuki’s unique unlock/unlatch functionality, but if there are no"real" limitations, please consider adding some kind of debug mode. There surely is a way to add some confirmation dialog that prevents people from suing you after messing up their security and projects like zigbee2mqtt and home assistant make it very easy to consume even irregular data.

As you can see by this wall of text, I’d really like to keep Nuki in my setup :slight_smile:

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As others have noticed and commented Zigbee support has been pulled. The exact reason is not specified so we can only guess. It could be it resulted in excessive battery use, it could be the signal strength was too weak which likely would also affect battery life as well as reliability. Or as implied it could be more to do with feature support via Zigbee.

Regardless I think we can agree the most likely point of Zigbee support is to facilitate integration with more smart home platforms using a generic and open standard. In theory it would make it easier to link to systems like Samsung Smartthings, Athom Homey, Homee (brain cube), Home Assistant and so on.

If as would seem logical to assume the main point of adding Zigbee support was to facilitate linking to more smart home platforms and Zigbee for whatever reason has been found unsuitable there will be in most cases an alternative possible approach - one arguably superior. This would be to provide app/driver support directly for the leading smart home platforms. Smartthings, Homey, etc. all provide their own APIs for developing such integrations, indeed in most cases there are already independently developed implementations to link to Nuki. One would hope and expect that official support would deliver a superior result, currently there are no such official implementations for these types of smart home hubs. (I consider the current official support for Smart Assistants to be a different category.)

If the pulling of Zigbee support is only a further delay, then there might be no justification for this but if this is a permanent abandonment of Zigbee then this alternative approach should be considered instead. (Communications would be over TCP/IP via the Nuki Bridge rather than via Zigbee.)

It would depend on the relative capabilities of those other smart home platforms whether using their own APIs would deliver superior ‘usability’.

Did write to support about That issue. Answer was that I could send my Nuki back for full refund due to missing Zigbee functionality. Very disappointing though…

More than one year later…any news?

Any news ?

Guten Tag,

gibt es einen Release Zeitpunkt für ZIGBEE? I habe das Produkt gekauft, da sie es mit Zigbee beworben haben, geduldig habe ich sehr lange gewartet. Könnten sie mir bitte mitteilen ob ZIGBEE noch verfolgt wir und wann es released wird? Nun ist es weit mehr als 1 Jahr, seit das Release in Q1/2019 angekündigt wurde.
Wann wird Zigbee released?

Falls sie mir keine Antwort senden können (dieses Forum ist seit einiger Zeit etwas wenig kommentiert) , möchte ich mein Produkt bitte retournieren da es nicht dem entspricht was auf der Verpackung und auf Ihrer Webseite steht.

Vielen Dank,

Please contact our support via https://nuki.io/en/support-request/ or contact@nuki.io for questions about a product replacement.

We can unfortunatly not give you any further updates on this currently.

Any updates on this?

Es wäre nun wirklich mal an der Zeit, dass sich die Entwickler hierzu äußern. Als Anwender hat man ja mittlerweile Verständnis, dass bestimmte Funktionen erst später über Updates nachgerüstet werden. Dass jedoch ein so zentrales Feature, mit dem ja auch geworben wurde bei Vorstellung der Version 2.0 dann über Monate kommentarlos ignoriert wird ist für uns Kunden schon sehr ärgerlich.

It was mentioned already in last years blog post to the summer software update that Zigbee is not doable with the current hardware in the quality that we wanted to do it. Therefore Zigbee is not supported and will - most likely - never be supported.

Damn… I bought the Nuki 2.0 lock PRECISELY for this functionality… I feel cheated…

When will you communicate the drop of Zigbee officially?

Zigbee support isn’t currently mentioned anywhere in the product description, packaging or similar sales material. The official death of a (currently not existing and therefore new) feature will most likely happen when no further firmware updates are provided for Smart Lock 2.0. Currently we’re still providing updates & new features for Smart Lock 1.0 and there are no plans to drop support for either Smart Lock 1.0 or 2.0.

Soooooo… zigbee support is officially dropped and will never happen? Just give us some closure.

That is really disappointing to hear. The summer update actually stated that it would not be supported in 2019 which I did not interpret as never, but rather just not in 2019.

Perhaps, as an alternative, you could look into integration with the SmartThings cloud? This was my intended use case so integration here would be fantastic.

For what it’s worth, the product, and continued support is fantastic and so, whilst I find this decision very disappointing, were I to buy a lock again today, it would still be a Nuki 2.0 on my door.

Keep up the good work.

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Yes, that’s a possibility. You could help to increase the priority of it, if you create a feature request for it and start collecting votes.

P.S.: If you’ve not seen it yet, maybe this helps: SmartThings Integration?

Now over one year has passed since the last comment.
Is there any news about the implementation or drop of Zigbee support?

When you would read the thread, you would know, that they now stated several times, that zigbee is dead on nuki-smartlock! There will be no zigbee!

Rose, when you would have learned to read english you would have noticed that there is no official statement about this and people seek “closure” (=Abschluss) to the official comment of “most likely” (= höchstwahrscheinlich).
P.S.: Please only bother to reply if you have actual information about the topic of this discussion.

Yeah right, - this is a post from this thread from a nuki guy (Jürgen) on may-20: “It was mentioned already in last years blog post to the summer software update that Zigbee is not doable with the current hardware in the quality that we wanted to do it. Therefore Zigbee is not supported and will - most likely - never be supported.”, and several other posts like this, what do you need more than this, - and your English can not be that good, when you don’t understand the words “not doable”, so please don’t bother other people about their english!?
P.s.: please be aware, that you are not in place, to say anyone, what he/her have to write here!