What´s wrong with MQTT and Nuki 4.0pro?

I am very frustrated at the moment. I bought 2 Smartlock 4.0 pro because I wanted to integrate them into Home Assistant via MQTT.
Unfortunately, I discovered that MQTT is totally unreliable.
Both Smartlocks have a very good wifi connection and are continuously accessible via the Nuki app. However, the MQTT connection keeps breaking off and the devices are displayed as unavailable in Home Assistant, there is no reconnect, a connection is only re-established when the battery pack is removed and reinserted.
This can’t be the solution! MQTT is a long-established standard, why is the implementation here so unreliable?
I have already adjusted the energy saving settings as described in the FAQ, only the “Fast” setting allows a reasonably stable connection, but due to the high battery consumption this is not a solution, even on the Medium setting there are connection interruptions. So the problem seems to be with the energy-saving settings, surely that must be solvable?

A look at the beta forum shows that the problem has been known for many versions and a solution has been promised every time, but unfortunately nothing seems to help so far - as shown by the user reports that continue to report problems.
@Nuki Team, when will the problem be fixed permanently? As a customer, I expect a widely advertised function such as MQTT for Home Assitant to work reliably!


Same as you. I’m waiting for a fix. Nuki 3.0 was much more better than this 4.0

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Same problem here. :confused:

Are you running the latest Beta ? I installed the latest last week and everything is more stable and also the battery reports now correctly.

I installed a nuki smartlock 4 pro and confiugure in Home Assistant with MQTT (Mosquitto) and I have no problem. Could it be related to some specific HA or MQTT specific version?
I configured nuki MQTT connection with user and password

are you configured Mqtt with WIFI?

Yes WIFI, HA on a Pi5 core version 2024.3.3
MQTT (Mosquitto) integration installed on HA

I looked for potential unseen NUKI error on HA registry but nothing.
All is working well

Hi all,

I was also able to configure Nuki 4.0 pro with MQTT within home assistant, however I am now finding that I have a lot less functionality and sensors when compared to other users I see online.

Here is what mqtt discovered from my lock (by the way it did not even identify it as a “Nuki lock” simply as unamed:

Any ideas about what could be the issue? Another thing, I just connected this today and baterry went from 95% to 76% in a matter of 6 hours, is this normal?

Just to complement my previous post; this is how my nuki lock was identified within MQTT:

Same here, but normally my mqtt connection is reliable most times.
Bit i‘ve seen very often in recent times that after a lock event the mqtt connection drops and is reestablshed 15-30sec later again.
This only happens on lock events, not on unlock events.
Further i discovered that my Bluetooth connection drops at these times. Seems as the communication module restarts after certain lock events.

Similar experience to OP

It seems connection gets restored via the app also by simply going into the MQTT setting and hitting save again without retyping user/pass, leaving all as is, after that it magically comes back online in HA,
for now I’ve sorted to have an automation send me a notification on my phone when the MQTT entity becomes unavailable, with a link to tasker app where I’ve setup the routine that goes till the MQTT menu of the lock and hit save for me,
suboptimal, to say the least, I just tried to access the nuki web hoping I could do this via web hence possibly further automating the restore process to no involve my manual intervention but it does not expose MQTT functionalities.

alias: Nuki mqtt fail alert
description: Handle connection restore via tasker on android
  - platform: state
      - lock.your_lock_id
    to: unavailable
      hours: 0
      minutes: 2
      seconds: 0
condition: []
  - service: notify.your_android_phone_id
    metadata: {}
      title: ⚠️ Nuki MQTT connection fail
      message: Lock device has become unavailable in Home Assistant
          - action: URI
            title: Restore with tasker
            uri: app://net.dinglisch.android.taskerm
mode: single

I have the same issue!!! It’s totally unreliable.
Via App it’s working perfectly, MQTT after 1h, 2h it creashes and Nuki becomes unavailable untill you go in the app and save again the MQTT connection…

It’s impossible to automate this type of lock