Urmet 1750/1

Still hoping for any support here. Just being able to receive a notification on ring would be enough to justify this purchase as I could mute the horrible sounds the system makes. Is there no hope at all for this, meaning I should return or resell my Nuki Opener? @Georg_S? Anyone at the Nuki team?

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Some news about the integration with the Urmet 1750 ? How could It possible that Nuki loses customers because of the lack of integration ??? I live in Italy and here the Urmet 1750 is pretty common…

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Still no news? :frowning:

Any News? I bought Nuki Opener considering that into the App there are istructions for Urmet 1750/1 but are incorrect and don’t work. Any trick?

@Georg_S , my Opener still lies unused and many of my friends using the same 2Voice type Urmet are holding off on upgrading until you can confirm support for our models. Are you now actively working towards support, or should I just return my items and give up hope?

Apparently I’m not the only one with issues regarding the 1750/1. My building just got delivered. 450+ apartments with this device. Another 2 residential towers under construction with the same intercom. Why can’t this be solved? I accidentally bought the opener thinking I had the 1705 type instead of the 1750. Not having the opener makes the whole set useless.

Can someone at a Nuki fix this please?!

Piling on to this, stuck with an unusable setup because of this.

In this context, I find it quite shocking that Nuki would not list these devices as incompatible.
Instead, the compatibility check simply does not list these devices, while every single other Urmet model listed shows up as compatible, without any exception.
This is totally incongruent with the statement here that support is not planned in the near future.

Any update on Urmet 2Voice support?

Can we know what’s blocking this? Any technical reasons? It seems to have some interest.


I think it’s because urmet not released the signal coding for this intercom yet, and so for nuki can nothing do to make this work!?

hi, I attach myself to the topic. I would need the 1750/1 metal bracket. unfortunately it cannot be sold separately. can someone help me?

Hello, any news about compability with Nuki and Urmet 1750 ?

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Hi? Still nothing on this? Urmet has their own module for remote opening, but app is super bad and very unreliable. I have that installed but would rather have a Nuki opener.

News ?

I also have a 1750/1 intercom.
Any news about its support? Reading on forum seems that his support has been required from many years. Is it possible that none of developer team have solved it?

Hello dear Nuki, any news on this?

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Can you make a video or a review about it?


Burn main intercom system and hope they replace it with a intercom system of another brand

Hi, there are news?
Someone could tell me what similar intercom i can buy?


Nuki any news for this integration? Looks like a lot of users is asking it and many more potential users to come ?