URMET 1150 with Nuki Opener

Hi, I got Urmet 1150/35 with only 3 wires coming out of the wall. Any chance for the opener to work with such setup? Thanks in advance!

Hi all,

I come back because after a passage here during my installation in 2022, I managed to fix my issue (Opener not ringing, while history log in the app detected well the ring) by returning the Opener and getting a new one.
Quite 2 years after of correct behavior, I notice there is an update for the Opener firmware (1.10.1), I install it… and here is the same bug again !

I think perhaps my installation is not correct, making the ringing signal sufficiently powerful to be detected by the Opener but perhaps detected as a false positive, because too low ? I imagine this could be the case if mic / speaker are inverted ? But I have no electronic competencies.

Here is the history:
When I bought my apartment, there was an Urmet 1130/12 with plastic broken (but functional). I bought and installed instead (myself) an Urmet 1150 (the sticker tells « Urmet 1150 » and bellow « 21/16 »).
Here I had to play a little to find the correct wired connection… I managed to get something working, but there is now a lot of noise in the speaker (in house and at intercom), people have difficulties to hear me, the buzzer is not very loud (reason why I bought this Opener, to get a louder buzz)… but it is working.
This Urmet 1150 has not buzzer (the buzz comes from the phone speaker), contrary to the original one.

Here is the original installation:

And here is the new one, with Opener plugged on:

Thanks in advance for your help !
I hope the solution is not to buy another Opener…

Dear NG,
Could you please post a photo of your final configuration of the Fermax 3431.
And the model you have chosen in the nuki app.

Thank you very much!

All the best,