URMET 1150 with Nuki Opener


I have URMET 1150 (no URMET 1150/351 , no URMET 1150/1, just URMET 1150). Is there a chance to get involved? If I select URMET 1150/1, it does not work. I originally used 1131 and everything was fine. Any advice, please?

Yeah it will work, just take generic analogue on setup!

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I tried that (Generic - Analogue). I tried the variant with a clamp (yellow Nuki cable + RING cable from the intercom) and the variant without a clamp (green Nuki cable not connected). Neither method works.

I can help you sort it out, - do you know the wires of your intercom for ground and opening!?

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So sorry, the problem was in the two wires, which had a short end. It was enough to cut and the analog mode worked.

I hereby confirm the general analog mode for functionality with the URMET 1150.