Urmet 1131 with separate bell

Hello all,
I am trying to connect Urmet 1131 to Nuke Opener. Thing is that the bell is connected separately from the phone. There are three cables to PIN 1, 2 and 6 and separate two cables to the bell:

I have connected Opener like asked during configuration:

red - 1
purple + black - 6
green - CA
orange - 2
blue - 9

If I ring the bell there is no activity in the application at all.
Any ideas?


Jan K.

Hi! Unfortunately this cannot work, you have a digital bus system, and you wired it analogue! Choose generic bus, and follow the wiring plan for it!

Edit: And you have to wire the external bell directly, but that would interfere with the bus setup, you have a tricky situation there!

But maybe I have a solution for you!?

which model should I use while configuring in application? Or how should I connect Opener to Urmet 1131?
While using Generic in application it is talking about L1 pin, which is not on my phone.
Jan K.

Yeah, like I wrote before, you have a tricky thing there! At first we find out whats up there, if it’s a bus, a analogue, or a hybrid system! Please take a short isolated wire and take some isolation off on both ends, now hold shortly one end of the wire on screw 1 of the intercom and the other end on 2, when the opening buzzer goes off, you have it, if not try the next screw (try the screws 1, 2 and 6), try all constellations of 1, 2 and 6 (every time connect just two screws at once) and look if the opening buzzer goes off, and notice the two numbers of the screws, where the opening buzzer goes off, when you connect them with the wire. Write me here when done.

it will be more tricky … If I understand correctly, the buzzer is the thing that opens building main door. We do not use it at all, it is not connected. I cannot open main door with the button on the intercom …

If the buzzer is the small thing making noise inside of intercom, while someone press the doorbell button outside of my flat than nothing happens when I connect 1-2, 1-6 or 2-6

Now, you will ask why I want to use Opener if I cannot open. Reason is that I want to have a notification if someone ring the doorbell. From Opener to Bridge, from Bridge though integration to the OpenHAB and then follow-up within OpenHAB.

Thanks for your effort.

Jan K.

Oh ok, no in fact it’s very easy then! Then you don’t need your intercom at all for this, you just have to wire the seperate bell directly to the opener! Go to the bell, take the nuki clamp, unscrew the wire what is on “-” screw of the bell and put it in one port of the clamp, now put the yellow opener wire in the second port of the clamp, now screw the green opener wire on “-” of the bell, wiring finished! Now reset the opener, and make e fresh setup with generic analogue, and just push yes when the app asks you if the door is opened, in the setup process, to get through the setup process, finish! Now the opener recognise every ring, you can suppress the ringing of the bell when wanted, and you can use the ring functions of the opener!

I did what you tell. there is no clear indication what is + and - on the bell itself, no labels and same cable color. Anyway, I have connected it as you said. Good news that the bell is still ringing if I press doorbell button outside, but there is no activity in the application, also no entries in the log. If I change it to the other cable of the bell, situation is the same.

One thing, the bell is more like buzzer, it is not doing like nice “ding-dong”, but more like “rrrrrrr”. Does the polarity make sense?

Thanks for the help

Please a Foto of the inside of the bell.

Here is the picure:

1 - cable coming from the wall, it is standard UTP cable
2 - orange pair of the UTP is used for the bell
3 - the bell, two cables (both red color) are connected to orange pair (orange and orange/white)

Wich of these wires you tried, the both red ones?

Yes, both

I tried:

  • orange - red-bell-red - yellow - Opener - green - orange/white
  • orange - red-bell-red - green - Opener - yellow - orange/white

Without Nuki it is:

  • orange - red-bell-red - orange/white

Jan K.

Sorry, no clue what that means?

The buzzer with the copper coil, there is a screw on it, is there a wire?

Just description how did I connect everything together.

e.g. orange cable from the wall goes to buzzer one of the red cable, then second red cable from the buzzer is connected to yellow Nuki Opener cable, then green cable from Nuki Opener is connected to orange/white cable from the wall

No, both red cables are connected to the copper coil.
The screw you mention is part of the mechanism making the noise.

And you have surely set it up as generic analogue and not generic bus?

When I see it right you not tried:
Orange/white - red-bell-red - yellow-opener-green - orange.

I did it this way. Situation is the same, buzzer is working if I press the doorbell button outside of my flat. There si notification/indication in the application.

Configuration is Generic Analogue with ring cable not connected

Ok! That the signal goes through the opener says me that it goes through, but is not recognised from the opener! What is really strange, because the buzzer works with power and not with digital signals, and the opener in analogue mode should recognise them!? Please reset the opener, and do a fresh setup, but this time with generic bus, because then the opener looks for digital signals then, and theoretically it should then recognise them! Please try this, and let me know, if it works!