Urmet 1131 with separate bell

How should I connect cables? Generic Bus is asking to connect cables to B+ etc, which I do not have.

If I keep your last recommendation (Orange/white - red-bell-red - yellow-opener-green - orange), configuration failed, and it did not allow me to continue in app.

With bus we have to try again both cables, try the second possibility, orange - red-bell-red - yellow-opener-green - orange/white.

I am not able to configure it for Generic Bus, while connecting only “orange - red-bell-red - yellow-opener-green - orange/white”, application says failed wiring and did not let me go further.
If I try Generic analogue with “orange - red-bell-red - yellow-opener-green - orange/white”, intercom is ringing, but there is no event/notification in the application.