Update to 2.6.3 removed all Access Entries. Help?

Two days ago I updated Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 to Firmware 2.6.3.
The following day two of my employees couldn’t open the door and got a “no access” error message.

Today my Nuki app only gave me the option to delete the smart lock from the app, as I had no access - I should contact my Admin. Funny thing, because that’s me.

In the Web interface I (still) see the device. If I click on “users”, none of them has the permission for that smart lock anymore. If I click on the device, I see all the users listed.

Nuki Support once more took all my information and “is taking care of it”. Maybe someone here has a solution?

Did anyone ever get a refund for the Nuki? We’ve got two of them in our company, and everyone already hates them. The idea is so great - but it doesn’t work reliably.

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Similar problem here after the firmware update. Only resolved by starting from scratch again - deleting lock and app, setting them up again and then doing a hard reset of the lock (remove batteries and replace while holding down button). Seems to be working now, but I’d hate to rely on it in a work situation.

Are you using only iOS or only Android Apps or both?

Only Android. 2.5.0

I am using the Android App. Some employees also use iOS. I could still access the lock via Web interface. I would really appreciate if ANY Nuki support member actually came up with something else than just asking more questions - maybe answers would be great.

Unfortunately I can confirm this.
Updated two locks to 2.6.3, both were deleted. The user can still see the lock but gets a “No access” error. In the web interface the locks disappeared from the user.
If I readd them, the user gets a message that the lock already exists when entering the invitation code.
Kept 2 locks at the old firmware, no problems for those users.
Using both Android and iOS.

I have seen something similar - while I was in Japan, my daughter called and said that she can’t open the door anymore. She is on the standard Android release branch, while my iPhone and the Nuki V2 use always the latest beta. Our lock, at that time, had been updated to 2.6.3. I checked on my iPhone and my daughter had completely disappeared from the user list.
I didn’t believe that is was a systemic issue, and had no time after my return to check it. I was not sure if my daughter could have erased herself from the lock (she doesn’t have admin rights), but reading this thread it seems I am not the only one.

One more thing: its interesting to note (and that’s why I believe my daughter had messed up): I updated to 2.6.3 before going to Japan. My daughter had unlocked the door since then, until she was not on the user list anymore. Why she disappeared from the list - again, I don’t know, but it was not directly linked to 2.6.3 update
The message she got was: “Du hast keine Berechtigung um auf dieses Smartlick zuzugreifen. Wende dich and den Nuki Smart Lock Admin oder lösche das Smart Lock”)
She could add herself when I send a new invitation, but I told her to delete the old smartlock (not sure if she could do that or if it was deleted already)

same for me, it did not occur immediately with the firmware update. then it was just two employees, and another day later myself.

One good thing: I have spotted one of those mysterious “low battery warning” emails in the wild! I just received one for the first time ever!

The same for me… I cannot see remotely the smart lock anymore (bridge is not connected to the server, even if from my router I can see it connecting to wifi) so I cannot open anymore remotely the door from the app.

I can still see the smart lock from the web but I haven’t tried it. I hope I can be able to open the door when reaching home because I haven’t got with me a single backup key.

Nuki support, please, fix this issue otherwise I will be in the s…t

I have also updated to last 2.6.x version some days ago but I having got the trouble only now.

Has anyone also problems with 2.6.3 to connect SL to Nuki Web? Its connected via Bridge and I can also control the SL without smartphones BT.

This is a bug in the current Android App. Will be fixed in the next release.

As workaround please set the Admin PIN to 0000 before you activate Nuki Web. You can change it back to something different after the activation, but will have to insert the new PIN on Nuki Web afterwards too (otherwise it will stop working).

thank you :slight_smile:

@mana @23mana A fix for this has been released with the latest Android App version 2.5.2.

if you get a refund for nuki, let me know that I want to claim it too, I still haven’t gotten out of the house without keys, I don’t trust

My setup is working, but I wouldn’t dare to go out without keys either. Losing the phone, running out of battery power, net connection down… There are way to many parts in the chain. When it is working, it is very comfortable. When not it is anything but.