I lost the remote access to all my smartlocks since yesterday

I am using 8 smartlocks and 1 opener, all using a bridge and a keypad.
Yesterday morning I suddenly lost all remote access to all locks. I only kept Bluetooth access when I am in front of the locks. I am using an iPhone X with the latest iOS.
My colleague as an older iPhone and she still have remote access to all locks.
I decided to delete the NUKI App and to reinstall it… knowing I will loose all accesses.
She ‘invited’ me to access the locks again but I keep getting a “invalid invitation code”.
I tried to pair one local smartlock and I could manage to get access to it, but in bluetooth only. I cannot access it remotely. I check cnx status on the lock and it says it is not connected to the bridge, which is wrong because my colleague has remote access… Any guidance is welcome here. I called NUKI support but I am still waiting someone to call me back. Quite urgent as you can imagine… Thanks

I have also the Same Problems.

See this thread: Update to 2.6.3 removed all Access Entries. Help?

Did you update your firmware to 2.6.3 recently?

Forget about the Nuki support, it is a massive black hole. I sent an email on Oct. 26th - still no answer.

I called them on Nov. 5th, because my employees also lost access to our locks, it was labelled “urgent” - still nothing.

The same for me… I cannot see remotely the smart lock anymore (bridge is not connected to the server, even if from my router I can see it connecting to wifi) so I cannot open anymore remotely the door from the app.

I can still see the smart lock from the web but I haven’t tried it. I hope I can be able to open the door when reaching home because I haven’t got with me a single backup key.

Nuki support, please, fix this issue otherwise I will be in the s…t

I sent you all PMs with further questions (which includes sensitive informations like logs&Nuki IDs that should not be shared in the forum). I‘ll report back here once we‘ve identified the cause.

Dear Jürgen,

thanks, but I didn’t receive anything?

Edit 16.45: now I did. Thanks.

Hi all,

I finally got the fix, with the help of Jürgen from NUKI.
It was coming from my phone.
I did a normal reboot, same.
I did a hard reboot, same.
I deleted and re-install the App, same.
I had no choice but to erase completely my phone, as a new phone… and restore the latest backup. It installed a brand new flawless iOS and after re-installing the NUKI App, it worked normally.
I could get back the remote access to all my locks (adding one by one).
Don’t know what happened with my phone… but the most important is that I am back on track :slight_smile:
Thanks Jürgen for your help !

@uli, it was not linked to the 2.6.3 on my side.

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One thing to add: The problem was that the phone could not connect to the Nuki servers anymore. This is not really related to the Nuki App, because it’s the operating system that is establishing the connection.

Actually it happened again, I lost all remote accesses again !
I cannot re-install my phone everyday…

I upgraded iOS to 13.2.2 and it works fine now ! It looks like it was coming from the previous iOS release… 13.2.1
I got back remote access to all my locks.

I saw the logs. Thank you.

I don’t think that the problem is related to the iOS version. It’s more likely that it is some sort of communication problem with one of our servers. We’re investigating the issue further … but good to know that it works again for you now.

Also lost my devices last Thursday. Updated couple of days before thursday and
all devices worked with the all new version.
From my perspective it looks like this is due to big problems on Nuki-Servers, like Jürgen said.
Opener und Smart Lock 2.0
Bridge is also not working.

Since Saturday Opener and SL2.0 are visible again, and work but bridge is still not working. I can pair the bridge and after that the overview screen shows that everything is connected with the bridge but when i go in device settings, bridge is still not connected. Deleting bridge from device is also not possible and ends in an error.
Also Opener AutoUnlock still doesn’t work.
That’s unacceptable. Please fix this immediately.

check if your router is on Channel 13. I had this problems reconnect with other channel and it works.
don’t know if this may solve the problem. but i found out that i had no WLAN Connection

Problem is solved.