Unlock Duration 1s-30s" function to work

Hi. I can’t get the “Unlock Duration 1s-30s” function to work. I use auto-unlock and I have to run from the moment I get out of the elevator to have time to push the door. It is the same duration 1s as 30s. What is failing?
I have recalibrated again and the “Unlock Duration 1s-30s” option sometimes works but many other times it doesn’t.
When Nuki opens the door, my door doesn’t open by itself, I have to push.
I need “Unlock Duration 1s-30s” to work as it should for this lock to be of use to me.

I am not the only person who has the same problem. In Telegram groups they have told me that the same thing happens to them but their door opens a few inches by itself and stays open.

What solution can you give me to make that parameter work? My lock loses meaning if I have to use the keys to open it.

Thank you and I wait for news.

Version: 2.10.8 Beta
ios 14

If you have the door sensor mounted, the latch will be released when the door opens or when the configured time is over. I.e. if your door sensor changes to open state the latch will be released immediately regardless of the time you configured.

I have the magnet configured and calibrated. The problem is that when “Auto Unlock” detects me, my door does not open by itself when the latch is opened. I have to push.

I don’t have time to push the door because in 1s-2s the latch closes again without the door having been opened (The sensor does not detect a change of state).
I have configured “Unlock duration” in 10s but but in 1s-2s it closes. Sometimes it works and it does keep the time that I indicate in the application.
What is happening? I have been with this problem since forever and I am not the only one.

Contact customer support through the Menu of the App and give an error description. They can look at the logs and help you.

I have been with this incident for several months. These are the ticket numbers. Please try to give me a solution. Thanks.
Ticket (67657)
Ticket: (76052)
Ticket: (82840)

The logs show exactly the behavior that i described. The door sensor reports open when the latch is pulled, therefore the latch is released immediately again.

You can try to recalibrate the door sensor and when you are in the last step where you keep the door “slightly open” (ajar) you try to keep it wider open (e.g. 10-20cm). This should make the door sensor less sensitive to detect the open position, which might be the solution for your problem.

Other option is to deactivate the door sensor.

Where can I set how long it should open in iOS? I’m solving a similar problem, but the door will open for me.
I live in an apartment building and live on the first floor. Get ready to start the main entrance to the house, my apartment is already unlocking - I need to set the unlocking delay here.
With Android it’s possible, with iOS allegedly not yet - any advice?

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This feature is not available on iOS because of operating system restrictions.

Thank you very much for this comment. They are two options that make sense and I can try.
I do not understand why they have not told me that in the open tickets. I don’t speak English well and they won’t understand my problem.
Juergen do tests for a few days and comment on the results.

Usually my nuki opens when i arrive at the moment when the elevator door opens. Then i have to RUN :running_man:t2: FAST :rocket: if i want to enter home as if i walk or get distracted the nuki auto-unlock closes again and this requires me to use the iphone or apple watch to open :disappointed: