Unlock door with Google Home

We are using Google’s Smart Home standards for Smart Locks which only know one way to “unlock”. So only the default setting (based on door handle/knob setting) can be triggered.

Heb je het geprobeerd door uit te spreken: twaalf honderd en vier en dertig ?


I have a nuki 2.0 and a bridge, and it’s working correctly through the nuki app but when i connect it to Google home only works correctly for 1h or 2h. After that the Google Assistent says “sorry it looks like nuki isn’t available right now” then I need to disconnect and connect again on Google home.
Looks like that Google home and nuki disconnect after a while and don’t reconnect again automatically.

Any solutions for this problem?

@Casa_da_Mouta There is currently no know issue on that. Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) so that they can take a deeper look into it.

Do you have maybe a low connection on the place where the bridge is, and have the bridge maybe a low connection to the lock!? Check with a wlan app the strength and Band, if there are issues.