Unlock door with Google Home

Hi Nuki,

I’m using Google Home and would like to lock/unlock the door with Nuki when I ask Google Home to lock or unlock the door. When I ask Google to lock or unlock the door Google asks me for a security code wich I already filled in on the app of Nuki and Nuki connect page of Google. When I tell Google Home this code it doesn’t know what to do. What do I need to do to fix this?


What error message do you get? Did you try it with the Google Home Smartphone App? There you could try to type it in to see if it is a problem with recognition.

Hi Stephan,

When i say Hey google, ontgrendel deur (unlock door), he tells me; voer hiervoor je beveiligingscode in, deur ontgrendelen. (Give the security code to unlock door).

When is say; Hey google, vergrendel deur (lock door), the app response good and lock the door. But when i want to unlock them there are some issues.

Hi, I am still not sure what the issues are when unlocking from your description.

May the best would be you call our customer support (or contact via contact@nuki.io) and they can reproduce everything together with you.

My experience with this is that when you say to Google to unlock your door it asks you for your security code and then in the next interaction when you give it your code it gives you either a search result or says it is sorry it doesn’t know how to help with that. Essentially it is not unlocking the door

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Correct, this is exactly the issue wich i have. There is no option to say or reply the security code.

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+1 same issue here, google home searches for my code in the internet or answers with “hmmm it looks like there is a problem” when i enabled conversational mode

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Same issue here, Google keeps asking for the security code and when you say so, Google answer i don’t know how to help you, i’m still learning.
But i can also remember that it’s not allowed to unlock Nuki with Google Assistant:
Control your Nuki Smart Lock with Google Assistant.

Supported functions:

  • You can lock your door
  • Check the state of your Nuki Smart Lock
  • Ask who locked the door (activity log)

Hi Stephan,

Is there any solution to fix this? Thanks.

Did you already call our customer support to try to reproduce it together with them?

They tell me to reset it, already done but still doesnt work.

O.k., thanks for you reply. We will investigate further, but if they could not help you I can not offer you a solution yet. Maybe something to do with the language, because we can’t reproduce the problem here for us.

Hi all,

in which language do you use your Google Home?

Please try the following:

  • Disconnect and reconnect the Nuki Action in your Google Home App. (Google Home App: Home > Add > Set up device > Already set up > Nuki)
  • Try to use another PIN.
  • Try pronouncing your PIN differently. For example when your PIN is 1234, you can say one-two-three-four. If this does not work try onethousandtwohundredthirtyfour, or twelve-thirtyfour.
  • Speak very clearly.

Let uns know if this solves your problem!
Thanks for your help.


I have deleted the complete account and installed it again. Also on google home. But it still doesnt work. Ive also tried in English but still doesnt work.

Would posting a video of this error be helpful?

Here it is, it give the same anwswr when i talk to Google in other language.

The video does not work here. Could you please send it via email to contact@nuki.io?
Please note in the mail that the video is for me, Kerstin Kropf.
Thank you!!


I have send the video, thanks a lot.

Thanks for the video, got it!

Can you please tell me which phone you are using, iOS or Android?

Im using iPhone [XS Max].

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