Unlock confirmation step when unlocking remotely

Product name

iOS and watchOS apps


The apps shall display a confirmation dialog before a door is unlocked remotely.


The app shall detect whether the user is close to their door when the unlock button is pressed. If it determined that the user is not in physical proximity of their door, a confirmation dialog shall be shown before the door is unlocked. The proximity detection can either be implemented using location services (GPS) or by checking whether BLE or the bridge is currently used for communication.

In contrast to this feature request, this suggestion does not clutter the system with yet another setting. The behavior suggested in this feature request can probably be permanently enabled for all users.


I sometimes accidentally unlock my door. I disabled the unlock swipe gestures in the iOS app, so this doesn’t happen to me in the iOS app. However, I have the Nuki complication installed on my default Apple Watch watch face, which launches the Nuki app. The app prominently displays a button to unlock the door with a single tap. Based on the type of door, it might be impossible to revert the action caused by tapping this button without manually manipulating the door.


See above.

This would be an awesome feature!!!

Would definitely want this, I have always thought its a very dangerous UX choice to be able to open the door with a simple swipe.
If you’re not home it sucks, definitely if you have a dog at home which might just well escape if you open the door by accident.

Have a look at Doorman (Android). The ‘ask formation’ feature is (now) available.

on the apple watch the message appears when you are not in front of the door. If you get the clue, the door will be open.

Yep, this feature would be intelligent!