Disable remote door opening

Product name

Nuki lock & bridge


Disable to some users the open door command, while they can do the rest of remote actions (checking the status, locking or even unlocking)

Description of the features

-Users permissions will allow to disable the open door command when the user is in remote mode.

-I also recommend a differentiation of the open door button from the rest, as this command can be dangerous.


Some users may freak out if they open the door by accident as they usually don’t need to open remotely. This would give peace of mind.


Opening the door by accident is something VERY scary. I removed homekit integration because it’s too simple to open by mistake. If you can disable to some users the open door command you can be sure that it won’t happen by pushing a button instead of another by mistake… I mean we’re talking about OPENING a house…

I also think that in the watch and even in the app the open door command should happen by pressing 2 or 3 seconds a button (with a progress bar or something). I find Nuki too ”powefull”, and I think that the app should handle with more “respect” and differentiation the open command from the rest.

I really hope this feature can be added very soon. I’m a new Nuki user and I just bought the combo (lock and bridge). But until this is implemented, I won’t use my bridge.

In my case I want no remote door opening access at all, I didn’t buy the Nuki to open the door from a remote location, but it should of course be great if I can still see the door status (or lock it) from a remote location. Should be nice if I can configure on the lock that the bridge can’t send any commands that will open the lock, I was actually expecting this was one of the basic features already…

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Completely agree! It’s too easy to accidentally open the door when away from home. Like accidentally making a wrong gesture in the app while checking the door status. Worst of all, my door does not have a latch and as a result the door opens a few cm after the open command. And can not be closed again without anyone physically present. I removed my bridge all together because this is a MAJOR security concern!!!


I completely second this request. I am happy that the Nuki lock opens the house door to my teenagers using their phones when they arrive (added bonus: they can’t play with them until the battery dies since they still need to use the Nuki app to open :innocent:) BUT I certainly don’t want them to remotely open the door when they are at school showing off the Nuki app with their friends or make erroneous input there!

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