Türsensor gestört / Doorsensor disturbed


I’m testing the door sensor for about a week.
Several times I see an error in the logs (Doorsensor disturbed)

That entry is in place were normally Door opened in expected.

I don’t know what the people do different. When I opened and closed the door myself the error didn’t appear.

Any idea what could causw this?

I just published a troubleshooting & debugging guide. Please have a look at the suggestions there:

The most important thing is usually to properly place the magnet.

You can also join the Smart Lock beta program and install the latest firmware, which has some door sensor improvements in it.

My current Smartlock Version is 2.3.0.

Is that already the current beta?

No. That would be 2.3.4.
If you already sent us your Smart Lock ID you can check for updates in the Nuki App.

Ich hab die Nuki Beta über Testflight aber mir wird keine neue Firmware angeboten?
2.3.0 ist aktuell laut Nuki App

You must look for a new Smartlock-Firmware under Settings -> Administration -> Softwareupdate. Your Nuki-ID must sent to developer@nuki.io to see the Beta-Firmwares. The Testflight-Beta is just for the iOS-App itself :+1: