What you can do, to help us improve the door sensor

Before you send us reports, please make sure that you properly set up the door sensor:

  1. Follow this mounting instructions for the magnet: Door sensor (Smart Lock 2.0) - Nuki
  2. Make sure that the mounting plate of your Smart Lock is properly fixed and that it does not move while the Smart Lock operates.
  3. If you changed anything during step 1 or 2, please recalibrate the door sensor.
  4. During calibration take care to slowly open the door, especially within the first centimeters when the magnet is still near the Smart Lock. The better the quality of the recorded data, the lower is the likeliness of sensor errors later on.
  5. If you get errors during the calibration please calibrate again, but leave the door a little bit further open during the final "Door ajar" step.
  6. Switch on "Log door sensor status" in the activity log.

Once you have it up and running observe the behavior and let us know if you identify any failure patterns. Especially when the sensor is stuck in a certain state or when it consistently misses door movement events. We will in any case need a picture of your setup (Smart Lock / Door / Magnet) along with screenshots of the Smart Locks "Activity log" and a written description of your observations sent via e-mail to contact@nuki.io.

If you really want to dig deep, you can switch the Smart Lock into Debug Mode by clicking 7x on the "Nuki Smart Lock" headline inside the Smart Locks administration. From there on the Smart Lock will write additional entries in the activity log. We will need the "DS calibrate" entry after the calibration. Please make a screenshot of it and include it in your report.

A few general things to know about the door sensor:

  • After all it’s a very sensitive magnetic sensor which can be disturbed. Things like changing temperatures, nearby magnetic fields or iron parts can influence the magnetic environment and produce sensor errors in your log. This is normal as long as it happens only from time to time and the state returns back to either opened or closed after it.
  • The Smart Lock itself with its motor and batteries produces changes to the magnetic field. Those are accounted for in the door sensor algorithm, but during heavy operation of the Smart Lock (several open/close commands in a short time frame) the sensor might be temporarily disturbed.
  • If you change batteries you might need to recalibrate the door sensor.
  • Usually it’s sufficient to fix a wrong or permanent error state of the sensor by calling the “Resolve door sensor issues” option. If you have a Bridge you can do this remotely as long as you’re sure that the door is closed at that time.
  • If your Smart Lock is mounted in an environment with ever changing magnetic fields the sensor might not be useable at all. In this case please deactivate the door sensor in order to conserve battery life.
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