Trigger web post/MQTT command to activate a relay

My intention is to trigger a relay attached to a ESP module with an internal web server or even better to trigger a MQTT command both from Nuki app/web so I can save my clients sometime avoiding the use of two different apps/webs. Thanks in advance.

Do you have something similar in mind as descirbed in this feature request?

Yes, that would help a lot but MQTT support on bridge side would be even better…

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We already had some discussion about this too:

I see, interesting approach with .NET…I’ll chek it out.

It’s a pity that this solution only for Windows :thinking:. While most home automations run on Linux…
MQTT client runs great on cheap ESP-01 module. I hope it is not a big deal to add support of MQTT to nuki bridge natively.
For me current integration with Home Assistant via HTTP-Api is very unreliable as I often get delays and errors like this:

  • Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 111] Connection refused’
  • socket.timeout: timed out. … HTTPConnectionPool(host=‘’, port=8080): Read timed out. (read timeout=5)

I understand that this may occur when someone interacts with nuki bridge via android application or web api or maybe directly with a lock via Bluetooth. But anyway, all this issues will just disappear after switching to MQTT as sending/receiving of messages will become a problem of MQTT server (that is stable enough).


I totally agree, I get the same problem with my Home Assistant config running raspbian on a RPI through hardware Nuki bridge. MQTT support would make all this really easy.

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