MQTT support


For integration to a Smart Home, does Nuki have thought about an MQTT integration into the bridge, to publish it’s state, and let control the SmartLocks?

Most (I would say, all) home automation software supports MQTT, it is an easy to implement protocol, and it is an open standard.

It would make special callback handlers unnecessary.



I don’t think it is useful to extend the bridge for every possible feature.
The (local) Web API is something that is already there and can be extended. There are other MQTT capable systems to integrate with the Web API if you wish.

I have written a service that enables MQTT for the bridge if you’re interested:


Just to say a last word:
MQTT is not “every possible feature”.
MQTT is a communication standard that is integrated in every modern home automation software.
It is much more reliable and easier to handle than the currently used web callbacks. Not a single client needs to implement device-specific things only for getting a push notification working. It simply works as mqtt is designed as a multi-client push protocol.

Unfortunately the C# implementation is difficult to use on a Linux/Raspberry.


You are right, it should be part of the firmware by default.

My C# implementation does run on Linux as a Docker container, but I should probably compile a specific version to support the ARM chip of the raspberry though. If you want this, I can take a look at it.

I tried to install your service in docker. But i got an error. It doesnt work in my case.

What error do you get? You can also open an issue on github so I can have a look at it :slight_smile: