Tegui 230 + Opener

Kann mir bitte jemand helfen bzw. erklären wie das mit einen Opener angeschlossen wird . Leider existiert diese Gegensprechanlage im deutschen Internet nicht eher im spanischen Sektor. Vielen Dank im vorraus!

Hi! Is it analogue or digital?

Is analogously at least 22 years old.

Morning! Ok, and do you have a separate bell, or from where comes the ring sound, when someone rings?

Hello Rose,

the bell (red) gets its signal from this contact (yellow).

Ok! Then let us find the two wires for opening and gnd, - for this take a short isolated wire and take some isolation off from both ends, now hold one end on the first screw and the other end on the second screw, if the door opening goes of when you connect them with the wire, you have the right two wires, if not try the next screw, and do this with all screws and constellations, until you found the right two screws! Write back here when done!

Unfortunately I don’t have the possibility to check the opener if it works because I live on the 4th floor.

But that’s important!? Do you maybe hear on the speaker something, when pushing the open button?

When I press the door opener button, I don’t hear whether the door is open or buzzes in the telephone receiver.

Do you have a voltmeter, because then you can measure what screw gets power when opening, and has no power when not opening!?

Can I try to find out after work tomorrow…


Hey Rose, I’ve tacked on this topic and presented my current status of the current configuration.