Support set of door sensor state through API (for use with external sensor)

Product name

For which NUKI product do you want to submit a feature request?
Bridge/Smart Lock 2.0


The door sensor in the smartlock (based on magnetic field) does not really work reliable in my case. I already tried different placements of the magnet but from time to time (its not quite often, but when it’s really annoying) the sensor does not recognize the correct state and recalibration is neccessary.

Some (or many?) of us are smart home enthusiast and are using higher level automation systems like OpenHAB, ioBroker, HomeAssistant… In my case I’m using OpenHAB and all my windows and doors are equipped with separate door/window sensors. So I already have an reliable door sensor and though it would be nice to use this information and provide it to the nuki smart lock by using the Bridge API. You might be wondering, why I want to have the correct door state in the smart lock when I already have it in OpenHAB. Mainly this is true, I don’t need the state in the nuki app. But the reason is the Lock’n go feature. Me and my wife are pressing the smart lock button twice to activate Lock’n go, close the door and wait outside until we hear that nuki is really locking the door. As stated above sometimes this “accoustic feedback” is missing due to a faulty sensor state and we have to wait for the timeout to lock the door which is annoying and affects the wife accaptance factor considerably.


Extend the API to allow set of door state externally and sync it with the smart lock. Option in the App to ignore the internal door sensor and to use the external provided state.


Why is this feature needed?
Mainly because of the unreliable door sensor in combination with the wobbly button on the nuki smart lock. When using the lock’n go feature I never can be sure the door will be locked after leaving home. I always have to wait for the “accoustic feedback” of the running motor. If this is missing it can be either that the door sensor needs recalibration or the wobbly button didn’t recognize the lock’n go double tap properly.


How would you like to use this feature?
Used as replacement to the unreliable internal door sensor. Would be useful to all users that already have external door sensors installed and have smart home systems like OpenHAB, ioBroker, HomeAssistant…

Have you tried to use a stronger magnet?

That would be a very nice feature!